Don't Cha

Album: PCD (2005)
Charted: 1 2
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  • This song is about a girl who taunts a guy about his girlfriend, making her jealous by asking if he wishes his girlfriend was hot like her. The Pussycat Dolls are more a dance troupe than singers, and they convey a very unapologetically sexual image that fits the lyrics quite well. >>
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    Emily - LV, NJ
  • The writing credits on this song read: Thomas DeCarlo Callaway and Anthony L. Ray. You know them better as Cee-Lo Green from The Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley and Sir Mix-a-Lot of "Baby Got Back" fame. The song was originally recorded by Tori Alamaze in 2004. Alamaze was a makeup artist and backup singer who was signed to Cee-Lo's production company. Shortly after her version was released as a single, her record company dropped her and stopped promoting the song, so very few people heard it. The next year, The Pussycat Dolls recorded it in a version also produced by Cee Lo and with Busta Rhymes on guest vocals.
  • Heineken beer used this in TV commercials.
  • Cee-Lo Green recalled to The Guardian newspaper March 22, 2008: "I originally wrote it for another artist - Tori Alamaze - but it found its way to the Pussycat Dolls and the rest is history. I was more than content with it going to the original artist, but of course the Pussycat Dolls took it to another level."
  • This was the Pussycat Dolls' first single. Many critics predicted a quick demise for the group, but they went on to record several more hits. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • Q magazine January 2012 asked Cee-Lo Green if he pretended to be an attractive girl to help him get into character when he penned this song? He replied: "No, I was trying to think of an ideal woman - who would be so bold as to say something as outspoken as that song."
  • Speaking on a 2012 Behind The Music special for VH1, Nicole Scherzinger said she did most of the singing "on my own" for the PCD album: "People don't even know the whole story. They have no idea. I was in the center because I was singing," she said. "I hope I don't get in trouble for the stuff that I say but I'll never forget I finished the album, PCD, and Ron (executive producer Ron Fair) and I brought the girls into the studio and we played it for them. It was the first time they'd ever heard the music."

    "Do you understand what I'm saying?" she continued. "We played the album for the Pussycat Dolls. It was the first time they'd ever heard the songs."
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Comments: 12

  • Chris from SomewhereMike, well, considering that Sir Mix-a-Lot was one of the writers...
  • Cyberpope from Richmond, Canadaa good parody line:
    Don'tcha wish your girlfriend had a c*ck like me?
  • Eric from Los Angeles, Nvmy, my, my....I gotta see thes girls do this LIVE!!!. I know ya' feel it..yes I do....I'm the one that's gonna make love to you.....yes I like it, really I do.....I'm the one to do what ya' man won't do.....
  • Stormy from Northport, MiGotta shake the money maker to it when it on!
  • Phoebe from Belchertown, MaThese girls make Christina Aguilera look like Gloria Steinem.
  • Jon from Smithton, PaPeronally i like the version by Tori Alamaze better.. she was dropped because she didn't look good enough. rude.
  • John from Overland Park, KsIt always bothered me about how we hear complaints of lyrics that objectify women, and then see that songs like this make it to #2 on the pop charts.
  • James from Clinton Township, MiMy neighbor loves this song. She'll drop everything to dance to it, this includes when she danced to it at three in the morning, in a kimono, and anywhere and everywhere in between.
  • Marissa from Is This Optional?, Ohsomeone at my school prefers to think of this song as "don't you wish i was hot like your girlfriend" :D
  • Sum Sum from New Delhihave u guys listened to their another single called "beep"? u must. very different song. i liked it.
  • Sam from Portsmouth, VaThis is an example about how bad girl's idols are. Apparently now-a-days girls have to be sluts to make it in this world.
  • Mike from Bristol, TnThe chorus from this song is lifted from a Sir Mix-a-Lot song called "Swass"
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