2120 South Michigan Avenue

  • 2120 South Michigan Avenue is located in Chicago, Illinois. It was the legendary home of Chess Records where The Rolling Stones recorded many of their early tracks. The location was so important to them that they created an instrumental with the title and released it on their 1964 album 12 x 5. The place has been turned into a tourist attraction of sorts by the Blues Heaven Foundation, not just a studio but an educational center where everyone can learn about blues and early rock and roll.
  • This was written by Stones then bassist Bill Wyman who explained in Rolling With The Stones: "I played the bass riff for 2120 South Michigan Avenue and then everyone picked up on it. It was credited to Nanker Phelge." Nanker Phelge is a pseudonym that refers to all the members of The Rolling Stones. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 2

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  • Alastair from Stranraer, United KingdomThere are in fact two versions of the track available. The edit version at 2:06m and the longer version at 3:36m. The edit version faded out before a guitar solo by Muddy Waters kicks in. The full version is now available in lovely stereo on the remastered 12x5 CD.
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