Album: Between The Buttons (1967)
  • Keith Richards wrote most of this song, which is about the long hours the Stones spent in airports and the hard life of performing on the road, with all the travel-weary metaphors that go with it. The repeated word "connection" is a reference to connecting flights, "Everything is going in the wrong direction" is again suggesting not being able to get the right flights, and "The doctor wants to give me more injections, giving me shots for a thousand rare infections" is about the immunization shots you have to get when traveling. Oh, and "my bags, they get a very close inspection." Well, better not have any contraband in there!

    Speaking of contraband, this song was written only months before the notorious drug bust of Richards, Jagger, and Jones in 1967; notorious for being mostly trumped-up and the sentences greatly reduced following public outcry.
  • This song is part of the soundtrack to the 2008 film Shine a Light. It has also been covered by Everclear, Arlo Guthrie, and Montrose.
  • This was one of the last Stones' songs produced by Andrew Loog Oldham, who would soon split with the group amidst much angst and complaining on both sides.
  • Cartoons and drawings by the Rolling Stones' drummer Charlie Watts are used on the album artwork. Charlie Watts explains: "Andrew told me to do the drawings for the LP & he told me the title was between the buttons. I thought he meant the title was 'Between The Buttons', so it stayed." >>
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  • Bob from Berkeley, CaI once heard that Buck Owens covered this song. Anybody know anything about that?
  • Juan from Buenos Aires, ArgentinaThis is the first song totally sung by KR (with MJ).
  • R from Montreal, Qc, CanadaAs Eric Burdon once said, the Stones should have issued this one after Let's spend the night. It is a classic one, very simple but interesting.

    With Amanda Jones or All Sold Out, as B side, it should habe been a success.
    - Erno, Montreal QC
  • Keith from Front Royal, VaInteresting that Everclear covered this. I think their music sucks but they obviously have good taste in other people's music.
    "The bags of mine get a very close inspection. I wonder why it is that they suspect 'em."--Classic Keef
  • Frank from Pittsburgh, PaEverclear does a great cover of this song..faster and heavier
  • Chelsea from Nyc, OrKeith played this tune with the Winos.
  • Chelsea from Nyc, OrThe time Keith took on some lead vocals.
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