Album: Tattoo You (1981)


  • Along with "Neighbors," this was one of two songs on Tattoo You recorded specifically for the album. The other tracks started as outtakes for other albums.

    Tattoo You was the last time The Rolling Stones scored a #1 on the US albums chart, after a full decade of albums that reached the summit.
  • Keith Richards doesn't play on this track; their bass player Bill Wyman played guitar and also synthesizer and bass. Mick Jagger also played guitar on the track, and the only other performer was Charlie Watts on drums.
  • The vocals here peg this song as one of the most psychedelic the Stones ever did. The group had been gradually edging from pure blues to hard rock to psychedelic styles throughout the previous decade. Mick Jagger got quite creative with overdubbing and mixing on parts of the Tattoo You album.
  • The very concept of Heaven, an afterlife for humans presumed virtuous and pleasurable, seems built into the human psyche. It is a component of just about every major religion ever to take root in human history. However, this song seems to be talking only about sexual ecstasy.

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  • Super Trouper from Austin, TexasThis song must have been written for a child. I'm guessing Jade since she would have been around 9 when the song was written. "The smell of you baby, my senses my senses be praised" is not a lyric about Lennon.
  • Ronald. P. from Bartlesville, Ok.One of my favorite alblums by the stones.
    Tattoo You & Some Girls
  • Lou from Middletown, NyJagger has always denied that this was a Lennon tribute.
  • John from Asheville, NcI like this song a lot. It has a great rhythm. The song is different. It actually popped into my mind this morning and I just had to listen to it.
  • Brick Bradford from L.a., CaThis is a great song to snort coke to at three in the morning.
  • Eduardo from Lima, Perui think this song is and indirect tribute to lennon, he died about that time anyway.
  • Chelsea from Nyc, OrIt actually has Jagger on guitar. Bill wyman plays Bass and Synthesizer. Chris Kimsey might also be on piano. Only Bill, Charlie and Jagger from the Stones are on this track.
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