Rip This Joint

Album: Exile on Main St. (1972)
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  • Mick Jagger's vocals were mixed low and slurred. They contain some obscenities and sexual references, but they are very hard to understand.
  • The "Butter Queen" is a reference to a famous groupie known as "Barbara the Butter Queen." Her real name was Barbara Cope, and she would do her thing when bands came through Dallas. She was very proficient, and had a killer gimmick: she would use a stick of butter when servicing the rock stars and crew. The butter supposedly made her activity smell like movie theater popcorn.
  • This was recorded during all-night jam sessions at Keith Richards' villa in the South of France. The band rented houses in the area and used Keith's basement as a studio.
  • Contains references to President Nixon and his wife Pat, but they are almost impossible to understand.
  • This song was particularly inspirational to Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. He told Rolling Stone magazine: "When I went to my first rehab, at a place called Hazelden, I brought Exile on Main St. on cassette. I remember waking up the first morning there and realizing I hadn't been sober once for the past 12 or 15 years, from LSD to heroin and cocaine and acid. The only way I could get a buzz at that point was to listen to 'Rip This Joint.'" >>
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  • William from Phoenix Az 85029"Wham bam Birmingham Alabam, don't give a damn. Little Rock it dont give a crock" The lyrics in that section are quite clear.
  • Paul Kalich from Dallas TexasBarbara "The Butter Queen" Cope passed away this morning in Dallas in a house fire. She lived east of White Rock Lake with another lady who is in her early 90's (do not know her relationship) who was able to escape the fire with only slight injuries. RIP Barbara Cope.
  • Bmn from Hisuan, ArgentinaThe lyrics aren't hard to understand at all. "Dick and Pat in old DC well they're gonna hold some s--t for me", "New Orleans with the Dixie Dean down to Dallas Texas with the Butter Queen", "Roll this joint gonna get down low, round and round and round we go. Wham bam Birmingham Alabam, don't give a damn. Little Rock, we're gone, fit to drop. Let it rock. " Listen to Charlie's drumming - they make the track. Keith says this is the fastest tempo of any song which is why Mick didn't want to work on the track. Bill Plummer played Bass because Wyman was only driving in at set times.
  • Sam from Hipsville, CaBarbara from Ventura----Exile is my most favorite of ALL the Stones albums as well.
    There's just something about it that makes you want to listen to it over and over and never get tired of it.
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiYou're right Barbara, I think it's "Alabam' don't give a damn, Little Rock don't give a f**k".
  • Tim from Long Island, NyThis song is in the key of D
  • Ashley from Quincy, Ilthis song is one of the greatest songs ever and the exile on main street album is THE greatest.this song is always in my head.
  • Justin from Singapore, SingaporeEvery time I hear it, I wish it would go on forever! I can't get enough of it!
  • Craig from Melbourne, AustraliaKeith has said this is the fastest song the band has recorded. Wyman is not playing bass on this track.
  • Barbara from Ventura, CaIt has always sounded to me like "Little Rock don't give a f*ck". Exile on Main Street is by far my favorite Stones album.
  • Guilliermo from New York, NyNot only did the Stones release Exile on Main St (the greatest album ever put to Vinyl) but also embarked on a massive US tour (with Stevie Wonder as their warm up act). Rip this joint is a mini-travelogue alluding to possible tour dates and legal problems "Mr. President Mr. Imigration man, let me in sweetie to your fair land, Tampa bound and Memphis too.....Dick and Pat (Nixon) down in old DC well they're gonna have some grits for me."
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScI agree Johnny.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScMaybe it's a good thing the lyrics were slurred. They would have gotten in trouble otherwise. Still like the song though.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, Scwoo-hoo this song is cool! I know the lyrics are hard to understand, but I like it a lot. Exile on Mainstreet is an awesome album.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaI believe this is about rock n roll lifestyle.
  • Eduardo from Lima, Perua great stones song,impposible not to feel good when you hear it.
  • Mark from Pacifica, CaAlso mentioned are the Dixie Teens, another '70s groupie clique.
  • Tom from Newark, DeWhen Mick & Keith were on the Simpsons, this song played as the ran the final credits
  • Jack from St. Paul, MnThis is one of my favorite Stones songs. Its a shame is doesn't get more publicity.
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