Divided States of America

Album: Freedom Child (2017)
  • This song was influenced by current affairs. Vocalist Danny O'Donoghue explained to The Sun:

    "We were recording in Santa Monica on the day after Trump had won the election. We headed back to our hotel and it was a pretty weird atmosphere - pretty similar to the day after Brexit. Shock had hit everybody. It was a divided country.

    "Divided States of America was just a title that we were using for America, but really it's how we feel the world is at that moment."
  • The track is more about the divisive effect that the election of Trump had rather than the band's views on the President himself. "We wrote that song while the election was going on," guitarist Mark Sheehan told HMV.com. "We're not pro-Trump, we're not anti-Trump, it's more just identifying what the election seemed to do to people, the amount of hate and bile it brought up, it's about that."


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