If You Could See Me Now

Album: #3 (2012)
Charted: 20
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  • This song finds the Script addressing the death of vocalist Danny O'Donoghue's father and both of Mark Sheehan's parents. O'Donoghue's late father Shay, also a musician, died unexpectedly of a stomach aneurysm shortly after The Script formed in 2008, four months after Sheehan lost his mother. The guitarist's dad passed away when he was aged just 14. "That song is all about two grown men sitting down and dealing with things," O'Donoghue told The Daily Mail: "With that song, Mark and I left the realm of songwriters and began to bare our souls. It's not a look-at-me song. It's us wondering what our parents would think of us now. They'd probably tell me I drink and smoke too much, but I think they'd also be proud."
  • Sheehan told The Sun about the writing of the song: "We're quite happy lads in real life but we just vent everything in our music," he said. "We wear our hearts on our sleeves and put everything into our music."

    "'If You Could See Me Now' is the first time we've rinsed ourselves that deeply," he continued. "There's been a lot bottled up and we felt there was a hole in the album and we weren't being honest enough until this song. We really hit the whiskies one night, that was the catalyst. We were very emotional and wrote a song about this — Danny one end of the room, me at another. It was a tough one to write and I didn't want anyone to listen to it at first, if I'm honest. But that's what we're in music for — that honest emotion. I'm so proud of that song."
  • O'Donoghue told The Independent how the pair went to opposite sides of the room they were in and started writing alternate verses: "It was an incredibly hard song to write," he said. "As soon as I started writing the lyrics, I started crying. We're men, we're 30 years old, and there's not a lot of people out there that would be open enough to say it in the same way as The Script. That song was more important for Mark than it was for me because I'm very open about my emotions, but he's not at all, so to hear him sum up in one verse what I've been waiting for him to say to me was an incredible moment. That really is the power of music."

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  • Alun from WalesAbsolute great song heard it for the first time today as just purchased new album, I lost my mum 11 months ago due to covid and I only wish I knew if she was proud of me, I gained my degree in electrical engineering last year at the age of 52 and I never got to celebrate with her,great song, great group smashed isle of wight festival, keep going boys may the tunes keep coming
  • Sue from Riverview Fl17 years ago , our son went home to be with the Lord. He was sick for 10 years. God prepared my heart in the beginning of his illness. Short period before he died, I heard your song. It touched me so deeply., I knew I wanted this played at his Memorial. I'm saddened that I dont hear this played on radio. Another song came out and I still hear it today. After reading this about how it was written, I understand there was alot happening in your life. I just wanted to let you know how this ministered to myself and family. Im not sure why I haven't done this earlier, but maybe it's a God Moment. Thank you for being vulnerable and real.
  • Realcathybrattz from PhilippinesThe moment I was badly missing my mom who died 3 years ago, I was badly listening to songs and then this one played as I'm listening I didn't realize I was bursting in tears at 12mn, now I listened to this everyday as I thought my mom is with me, guiding me and watching me. Thank you guys for this heart warming song. It helps me find peace for my moms death. Stay healthy always,cheers for more song ahead
  • Raedeen Headrick from Pueblo, ColoradoI do not usually listen to this kind of music, but one day, I was watching music videos on You Tube, and I "stumbled upon" this song. It was about 5 years after my Dad, my hero, had passed away. (also in 2008) I listened to the lyrics, and watched the video, and I saw the emotion on the faces of these young men, and I found myself sobbing, almost uncontrollably. The only thing I was thinking, was that these lyrics are REAL to these two guys! This is not just a song that someone else wrote & they're singing it, but that these guys have felt the same heartache and devastation as I had felt the day my Dad left me. I probably listened to this song 25 times that night, and even now, whenever I'm really missing my Dad, I come back and listen to it again. It's not a song I can listen to once & leave it alone. I need to listen to it multiple times. Every single facial emotion you guys portray in the video, even the movement of the hand, the lady in the crowd, the words, every single aspect of this song, is pure love and inspiration to me! I know it was difficult for you guys to share it with the multitudes, but I am eternally grateful you did. Nothing had ever touched my heart, like this song did. "Because the man wasn't 'good' he was 'GREAT!!' Thank you, so, so, so much, for sharing this song!!
  • Cyberpope from Richmond, CanadaDang, this site is missing The Script's most significant song -- a breakthrough in radio broadcasting; the song "If You See Kay" (say it out loud)
  • Kimberly from Landing, NjThank You. Knowledge of life's unders are seen thru and thru and then discovered the difference with opinions of Glory, which Resolve any Issue that's stands true fold. TY
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