Album: Computers and Blues (2011)


  • This orchestral track is a track from British Hip-Hop artist Mike Skinner's (aka The Streets) fifth studio album, Computers and Blues. The song sums up the album title as it finds Skinner rapping about discovering his lover's new relationship from an update on her Facebook page. "In a relationship," he drawls. "Your status had changed… the words on the screen/ Nothing said between us / You just weren't that keen."
  • Since the turn of 2010 a number of songs have utilized the SMS and Instant Messaging abbreviation OMG, which stands for Oh my Gosh", Oh my Goodness," or the potentially blasphemous "Oh my God." Other songs with the text speak in the title include:
    "If I Was You" by Far East Movement.
    "OMG (Oh My Gosh)" by Sabrina Washington.
    "OMG" by Usher.
  • This is a non-music related piece of trivia but what the heck: The phrase "Oh my God" accounts for 24% of women's swearing.
  • Skinner told The Daily Record about this soul-tinged number concerning finding out he'd been dumped on Facebook: "If you're meeting a girl, looking them up on Facebook is the first thing you do. You wouldn't have been able to do that before, and the etiquette of this show we're putting on is incredibly complex."
  • Skinner explained to The Sun that this song tackles social networking and how websites have made dating more complicated. He explained: "When you meet a girl, when do you 'friend' her? On what date should you send a friend request? I'm really interested how Facebook has brought all these problems with it. There's all sorts of foolishness that happens on Facebook. No one knows the outcome of this stuff."


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