Alone Together

Album: Is This It (2001)
  • This song details a tumultuous relationship that just isn't working. The couple keeps trying, but hurts each other in the process as it becomes clear they are just not right for each other. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • The improvisational approach that producer Gordon Raphael took in recording The Strokes made for an arduous experience nailing this track. He told Sound On Sound: "There was a song called 'Alone Together,' on which we did three almost-full productions, with different methods and a different approach each time. One was to do it all live, one was to do it with the drum kit by itself, and one was to do it with a drum machine. In each case we recorded all the tracks, built the production, and halfway through the vocals Julian would say, 'No, I hate the way this thing sounds!' My job was to really make all of them happy with their music - I wish someone had taken that approach with me when I went into the studio as a musician - and so if they heard a song back and said 'Ooh, this doesn't feel right,' I would say 'OK, then let's try another approach. What do you suggest? What doesn't feel right?'"
  • The Canadian electronic band Austra covered this for the 2011 tribute album Stereogum Presents... Stroked: A Tribute To Is This It.

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  • Emma from Cleveland, OhThis is my favorite song by the strokes
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