Blue And Yellow

Album: Maybe Memories (2003)
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  • "It's a song about me and [frontman] Bert McCracken's friendship," guitarist Quinn Allman explained. "When the band started to really pick up and people started to really get interested, we were almost not being friends anymore because we were focusing so much time on the band and not on each other." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Sarah Haley - Toronto, Canada
  • The colors in the title could have some meaning. The color blue belongs to the Planet Venus, the giver of Love, devotion and harmony. The musical note of blue is G, a favorite key for the composer of romantic music. The color yellow belongs to the planet Mercury, and is said to stimulate the nerves of the brain and body. Mercury instills a quick intellect by stimulating the nervous system, so nothing can remain stagnant under the influence of this planet. >>
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    Ryan - Howell, MI
  • The colors could be interpreted as either 2 people attracting each other or the 2 colors being mixed to create green - the color of jealousy: "It's all in how you mix the two." >>
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    October - london, Canada

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  • Max from Australiabert mccracken himself said it was about his relationship with quinn. its about bert and quinn.
  • Ivan from Milton Keynes, UkThe very fact that there are so many comments on here, each expressing its own interpretation is exactly what i believe a well written song should do.

    I used to write my own songs with a particular theme I wanted to address, along with the associated set of thoughts & feelings based on my own experiences of various aspects of life.

    But rather than referencing specific situations or places (such as sings that Nickelback write, for example), I'd write metaphorically so that the song could be interpreted by those listening to it in whatever way is personal to them & their situation. This makes the song so much more accessible and allows it to have meaning for more people.

    Reading all the existing comments for B&Y, it's clear that the song has done exactly this, as everyone has posted their own interpretation of it.

    This, I think, is the hallmark of a great song.

    Not that this makes "unipolar" songs, such as those by Nickelback, crap or of less artistic content (I like several of their tunes!); it just depends on the subject that you, as the lyricist, want to express, the emotion behind it, and your linguistic dexterity.
  • Max from New YorkBlue - OxyContin . Yellow- Xanax. The song is about drug addiction.
  • Tegan from Sanford , NcBert McCracken is doubt....but, is it just me or does he seem, lonley like in this song, and in other ones like all iv'e got and stuff?? Everyone knows hes on drugs, and a 'happy' person, at the same time he still seems sad and unsatisfied at the end of the day!:( but, i still love hiim 4 eva!!!
  • Michelle from Keyport, Njthis song is absolutely beautiful. i was told a long summary of the song;

    blue and yellow are the color of bruises. the girl in the song is in an abusive relationship, and the narrator's standpoint [bert, in this case] is an outsider of the relationship, probably one of her friends, has suspicions and wants to help her out of the nightmare of a relationship.
    the effect the girl and the narrator have on each other is a type of puppy love sort of thing; shaking hands. they want to be together, and when the boyfriend asks where she was when she was 'wasting time with the narrator', says the same thing. he wants to save her, but he fails when he says that he's said enough and his words were faded, meaning she's heard them too many times. he wants to waste time with her, but she's too scared.
    the girl forgets how to really live again because of the hold her boyfriend has on her life. she'll never find what she wants if she's looking for it. she has to wait for a peace at mind, but in the relationship, it's never going to happen, which is what the narrator is trying to tell her.

    however, i could be totally off with that analysis, but my friend told me it was just a thought. everyone's on here that i read makes a lot of sense, too :]
  • Ra1n from Boston, MaI believe this song is clearly referencing drugs.

    "Blue" and "Yellow" are references to opiates. Burt also makes this reference in Sound Effects and Overdramatics. Shaking hands is a drug side effect. Wasting time is a reference must often attached to heroin use.
  • Holly from London, United KingdomActually it doesnt matter what people think apart from their own satisfaction, the only meaning is what bert and the others intended it to mean and seeing as on lots of references and the video bert and quinn are in it a lot and they actually say the song is about their friendship, its about their friendship, though most likely theres some reference to drugs in there, but its about their friendship.
  • John from Toledo, OhBlue and Yellow...

    they are the color of the pills "valium" with different mg.'s. Mixing the two makes the perfect amount for bert to get high. the effect of valium is anti anxiety, so the hands are shaking, anxiousness, so he's rather waste some time with valium. never going to find it if youre looking for it because they are small pills.

  • Split Shanx from Burbank, Ca"The musical note of blue is G, a favorite key for the composer of romantic music." Ryan, do you have Synesthesia?
  • John from Galloway, Njthis song really has a lot of meanings...i think it also means falling in love with kept tryin to make the other person notice you and fall for you too but they just didnt want to...and now you've finally given up on trying to have that kind of relationship with're just tired of tryin and failing...and now you're just friends and nothing more but you still want to spend time with that person...
  • Shana from Casablanca, MoroccoBlue and Yellow is such a catchy song..
    The lyrics are simply amazing, my favorite moment is when he says "By the way your hands were shaking, rather waste some time with you"
    It simply means that he has some kind of effect on her, and that's y her hands were shaking, meanin that she loves him too..
    It's kind of hard to explain...
    This song has sooo many levels
    I love it...
  • Rob from South Jersey, NjJoost, Nijmegen, Netherlands. I think that Hannah, Sydney was right just cuz blue and yellow mixed makes green and the line "it's all in how you mix the two" shows this. The song is about getting high
  • Joost from Nijmegen, NetherlandsHannah from Sydney,
    Let me guess, apart from drinking, weed is the only drug youve ever tried...? Although you might be right this amazing song is about drugs, you recognize weed because thats what you have experience with; it fits perfectly. Doesn't necessarily mean its about weed though; it might as well be blow (which fits even better considering "By the way your hands were shaking")or even acid for all we know. Ive youd never done weed but coke instead you wouldve said its about coke. Just to let you know, open your mind.

    This is my favorite song on the album, both for the way it sounds and the lyrics, although i'm not even sure what they mean; they fit a lot of scenarios.
  • Ashley from Buffalo, NyTruely awesome, I can't get enough of the Used. I think this song has very strong lryics.
  • Elle from Nsw, Australiayeh i no... i had really bad grammer and spelling in that lol
  • Elle from Nsw, AustraliaThis song makes me feel sad and dramatic haha. Reminds me of when I tried so hard to make this guy notice me, we were each of each others best friends.. and in the end he started to not even like me as a friend. I loved him and I cried when i realised I was losing him. I tried so hard, like, i put all ive got into it. I was 99% sure he didnt like me or care and it was 1% that
    kept me hanging on.

    the Choris has the words... shouldve done something but ive done it enough. It reminds me that I shouldve done something to kept the relationship, something tht would throw myself for him even more... but.. "ive done it enough".
  • Rynn from Rogers, ArThis song reminds me of when my friends and I were awake at 5 in the morning, just talking about everything! It also helped me realize I was in love with my best friend! :(
  • Erin Koczkur from Chilliwack , CanadaThis is an awesome song. It reminds me of me and 1 of my ex boyfriends and how both of us got really jealous when we saw eachother with different people. Probably one of my second favorite songs in the world of music!!!!
  • Jepha from Citra, FlI love the Used.This song is the first song from them that I ever heard and from that day on I will NEVER EVER forget this amazingly passionate band(not to mention me and the totally hott bass player share the same first name,lol)
  • Ashley from Naples , FlWhen this cd first came out i read an interview with them in blender and they said it's about bert's drug addiction and the affect it has on the band and his friendship with quinn
  • Hannah from Sydney, AustraliaYou are all so blind. This song is obviously about Cannabis. It fits in every part. Especially when they say "it's all in how you mix the two" (Cannabis and Tobacco) "and it start just where the light exists" (It has been around since the beginning of the earth) "It's a feeling that you cannot miss" (although i wouldn't know- people tend to say that being stoned has a certain feeling) "and if burns a hole through everyone that feels it" (Smoking Cannabis, like smoking Tobacco, can be very harmful to your health. I think this part of the song uses strong imagery to explain how bad Cannabis smoking can be.)
  • Tina from Beverley Hills, CaThis song is so good! I absolutely love it and the meaning it has! I love the band The Used! Quinn is so sexii!!<3
  • Rob from Toronto, Canadakk well heres what i got outta this song...took me awhile to get it...and obviously songs have different meanings to everyone...anyways here goes...i think that most of the song is about jealousy and more specific jealousy of an ex-girlfriend finding someone reasoning is this...the title blue and and yellow make is the color of the emotion says its all in how you mix the two and it starts just where the light exists...well light exists everywhere and envy is everywhere...all in how you mix the two means they intended for the colors to be mixed and they would make green..."it burns a hole...through everyone that feels it"...jealousy burns a hole through a person as i'm sure many can relate too...and yes pretty much everyone feels it....the corus is more so about him wanting her back with him...the next lines are about him overcoming this jealousy and the feeling it gives you once yur over her..."And you never would have though in the end
    How amazing it feels just to live again
    It's a feeling that you cannot miss
    It burns a hole through everyone that feels it"...this is like the looking back after yur over someone and is a great feeling of happiness which is also a feeling you cannot miss...anyways this is my take on it tell me what you think
  • Mgn from Mech., Patoo much emotion for my taste.
  • Jo from Toronto, CanadaWHAT!! OF COURSE THEY WRITE THEIR OWN SONGS.. y would it say, all songs composed by Bert McCracken and The Used IN THE BOOKLET if it wasnt true.. thats just BS
  • Stephanie from Howell, MiIt's all in how you mix the two is two people in love and taken from each other something happens I am not exactly sure what, but then after they get over each other and they start to miss what they had, (should have said something, rather waste some time with you,) anyways they both go searching for love and (you can never find it if ur looking for it) and in the song the whole time the two people are looking for new loves they are thinking about how much they would just rather waste time with each other and be together.
  • Kyle from Peotone, IlThe Song Blue and Yellow is my class song for are 8th grade dance. Its a good song because i waste a lof of time with my girlfriend, but i ignore my friends it really made me think more
  • Byogi from Baguio, OtherMAGANDA PARe!!!!!wanna hear all over again and again and again,get the point?
  • Renae from Portland, OrActually the used DOES write their own songs... and if you had the album you would know that.
  • Yolanda Morphinite from Bountiful , UtIt is about Bert's (singer) and Quinn's (guitarist) relationship. They are best friends and since they got into music, they have not had much time to talk and exercise their strong relationship. A friendship that powerful cannot be found if it is looked for. This song is so incredibly emotional and has an awesome message. The Used is one of the greatest modern bands right now. I absolutely LOVE them.
  • Jess from Epgrata, WaThis song to me is deffinately about love and how some people can spend thire whole lifes looking for it and never find it cause they are trying to hard. Love is something that finds you and happens unplanned if you keep looking for it you will never find it.
  • Agnes from Jaroslaw, Polandin polish: zajebista! <--- if you know what I mean:)
  • Angela from Los Angeles, Cathe title is about mixing two colors(people) to make something productive.
  • Yasmin from I Live In London, EnglandAMAZING SONG!!! this is beautiful mellow chilled out great lyrics good voice and has a meaning..and the best thing is u interpert it as YOU wanna..i reckon it's about love and the search for it and the feelings u go through... arrghh its just a kik ass song!
  • Kayla from Goodyear, Azits an awesome song
  • Jrob from Va Beach, VaHow do you figure that they dont write their own songs???
  • Hillary from Seattle, WaThe Used doesn't write their own songs...
  • Lynzie from New York, NyI think this song is about how someone has someone else but they want to be with the other person. And if you're looking for love, you'll never find it.. it comes to you, their sick of trying. thats the way i see it.
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