No One's Gonna Break This Heart (Again)

Album: Threads (2021)
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  • Verve Pipe frontman Brian Vander Ark gets reflective on this song, defending his heart at all costs. This means never letting anyone get close again, turning the sensitive organ into a solitary diamond to be left alone. He explained: "This song is about how we overprotect ourselves. It's about the armor that we wear after a particularly bad breakup. We deny ourselves the opportunity to fall in love again, fearful we will relive the pain. And yet it can't be helped. Love happens again and again, until we finally get it right."

    Don't worry too much about Vander Ark - he typically writes in character, as he did on the band's big hit, "The Freshman."
  • This is the first single from Threads, the first Verve Pipe album since Parachute in 2017. Vander Ark came up with the album concept after learning about a Japanese legend that says we all hold one end of a red thread of fate. He explained: "It symbolizes the thin artery that originates in the heart. It flows down to the hand and then out into the metaphysical world. These threads are connected to other people who will have an important story in each other's lives. They stretch and bend; they never break."

    "The symbolism of 'Threads' weaves in and out of each song," he adds, "as we tell these stories that make up the good and bad of our lives - love, heartbreak, abuse, addiction, hope, revenge and that constant yearning for the unknown. And our stories continue. We feel the constant pull of our threads, from our hearts through our hands. It is what keeps us forever reaching."
  • Vander Ark wrote this song with Channing Lee, who also sang the backing vocals. Her work on the Threads album marks the first time Vander Ark has collaborated with another songwriter on a Verve Pipe album.


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