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  • The lyrics are based on an elementary school song that students sing while playing in school yards.
  • The album De Stijl is named after an early 20th century Dutch artistic movement. The album artwork is done in this style. >>
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  • Beck is a big fan of the track. He told Uncut: "I feel like this is one of those songs, where it's like Jack White just bypassed the song and went straight to that feeling you want to have, where it's so raw and righteous and where people go, 'Ok, now we're talking. Now we mean business.' It's simple, it's heavy it's beautiful."
  • "That's a phone company finger-pointing song," Jack White told Sound Spike of the tune. "I hate the rip-off company. I know everyone has to have a job, everyone has to work and get a paycheck to keep everything going, but it's pathetic that the better mousetrap doesn't win out."

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  • Karl from Ingatestone, United KingdomJack White is a start, and The White Stripes have living proof that by 2003, they were and still are a fantastic live band
  • Alden from Asheville, Nc"Turn the oscillator...twist it with a dollar bill..."
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