The Big Three Killed My Baby

Album: The White Stripes (1999)


  • This song is about automaker Preston Tucker, who like Jack and Meg White, is from Detroit. The line, "the motors runnin' on Tuckers' blood" is a reference to him. Tucker had his own idea for the auto industry, but his company "Tucker" was run out of business by the auto industry's "big three" (General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford). A movie named Tucker was made about him starring Jeff Bridges. >>
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    Bert - Pueblo, NM

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  • Daniel from Tucsone, AzI always assumed it was about drug addiction the big 3 (crack, heroin, meth) kill your common sense and burn you broke "another 100 dollars down the drain again"
  • Erik from Los Angeles, CaOk man, I don't know how you can even consider saying that Hyundai makes the best cars available in the U.S.A. They make basically some of the worst cars worldwide.

    But, I'm not here to start a flame war - I'm here to support the fact that the Tucker '48 is one of the sweetest and best made cars ever, and is definitely my favorite car of all time. Too bad there's only fifty of 'em!
  • Darrell from EugeneMurph, the "Big Three" used to be General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. It is now Hyundai/Kia, Toyota/Scion/Lexus and Honda. What a shame, but at least I have heard that Hyundai makes the best cars that are available in the USA. Although I have only heard this song four or five times at most, I have no doubt that it is about Tucker motors. I am an "armchair automotive historian".
  • Rachael from Scranton, PaWhen I first saw the title, I thought of the KKK...but it's clearly not.
  • Bert from Pueblo, NmIt's about Preston Tucker. he was a automaker who's innovative designs started Tucker Motors, but then were run out of business by the big three. Hence the line "The motor's runnin' on Tucker's blood"
  • Murph from Peoria, IlThe Big Three are the two..... Oh, This song must be about heroin addiction. :-)
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