Behind Blue Eyes

Album: Who's Next (1971)
Charted: 34
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  • Pete Townshend originally wrote this about a character in his "Lifehouse" project, which was going to be a film similar to The Who's Tommy and Quadrophenia. Townshend never finished "Lifehouse," but the songs ended up on the album Who's Next. >>
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    Brian - Paoli, IN
  • Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey both have blue eyes, but the song is not autobiographical. Townshend has said that he wrote it to show "How lonely it is to be powerful."
  • Townshend was going to use this as the main song in the Lifehouse film for the villain, Jumbo.
  • Pete Townshend has explained that he never behaved like a typical rock star when he was on tour, especially when it came to groupies, which he tried to avoid. He says it was a run-in with a groupie that was the impetus for this song. Townshend, who got married in 1968, was tempted by a groupie after The Who's June 9, 1970 concert in Denver. He says that he went back to his room alone and wrote a prayer beginning, "If my fist clenches, crack it open..." The prayer was more or less asking for help in resisting this temptation. The other words could be describing Townshend's self-pity and how hard it is to resist. >>
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    Geoff Morgan - Brookfield, WI
  • The original demo version is a lot quieter and stripped-down. Townshend released this version on his 1983 album Scoop.
  • Roger Daltrey did a new version of this song with the Irish group The Chieftains, which was released on the group's 1992 album An Irish Evening. This rendition, which was recorded live at the Grand Opera House in Belfast, features traditional Irish instruments, including fiddle and bodhrán.
  • The lyrics are based on Townshend's own feeling of angst - that no one knows what it's like to be him, with high expectations and pressure to be someone he's not. Knowing what a miserable sod he can be, he's telling us not to let himself enjoy it because he doesn't want to enjoy making us (the fans) happy. It'll mean we will ask for more!
  • This is one of the most popular live songs from The Who, played at the majority of their concerts. Pete Townshend has said at various stages of his career that while he believes it's a great song, he doesn't get any satisfaction performing it, as he feels it is out of context of his Lifehouse project.
  • To the horror of many Who fans who turned up their noses at nu-metal, Limp Bizkit covered this song on their 2003 on their album Results May Vary, taking it to #18 UK and #71 US (the only cover version to chart). This version was used in the Halle Berry movie Gothika. Berry appeared in the video, which was directed by Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. Conveniently enough, Durst included a scene where he kisses Berry in the video.
  • Roger Daltrey's dog got run over on the day he recorded his vocals for this song - it was the first dog he ever had. The Who singer recalled to AARP The Magazine that he "was desperately trying to hold it together."

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  • Joao Pedro from Brasil Rjlimp bizkit version is better than the original
  • Gator Rick from Denver, CoIs this lyric ironic? It probably doesn't really matter what Pete wrote it about, a song can take on its own meaning.
    Can it be about a white man (behind blues eyes) and his cynicism (power); or about a drug dealer; or a pedophile? It seems certainly about finding empathy and understanding. But who is the singer angry at? Himself, perhaps.
    Or is the lyric from a person of color saying anyone 'behind blues eyes' (white persons) can not understand the anger and frustration they must live with on a daily basis. 'When my fist clenches, crack it open' could be a wise request. I have always thought it is the last thought (from a person of color) but have never heard anyone else express this view. Regardless, it is a heavy lyric and a great vibe!
  • Jamie from UsDude. Hitler didn't have blue eyes. He had brown eyes. Did you listen in history class?
  • Veritanuda from UkAlthough it has never been said, I had always thought the song was in reference to Hitler who also had blue eyes. Whether, or not, this was the character Townsend based his Liifehouse character is never mentioned, but it could be because Townshend was born 10 days after the Nazis surrendered and grew up in bombed damaged London and notes that growing up in this period produced the narrative that runs through his music of a boy lost in the stresses and pressures of postwar life.
  • Veritanuda from LondonAlthough it has never been said, I had always thought the song was in reference to Hitler who also had blue eyes. Whether, or not, this was the character Townsend based his Liifehouse character is never mentioned, but it could be because Townshend was born 10 days after the Nazis surrendered and great up in bombed damaged London and notes that growing up in this period produced the narrative that runs through his music of a boy lost in the stresses and pressures of postwar life.
  • Phil from Las VegasThis song is not about RACE! You people who want to blame RACE on everything are SICK!
  • David from DfwThe version with Dan Stevens and Navid Negahban for the show Legion is an astutely executed masterpiece. I think it partly speaks to the origin of the actual song as well as the different ways that people may interpret it for themselves.
  • AnonymousThe cover version was also in the Angry Birds Movie
  • Bazza from EastbourneI can adhere to every part of this song. Especially after knowing Roger daltrey and following the WHO all my life
  • Kmaddy from Pa UsaAlthough this song was written with a whole different meaning ,it is relatable to a friends mental health issue ,narcissistic personality disorder the words sound as if he had written this song
  • Matt from IndianaPete was sexually abused as a young boy. As is often the case, his first sexual experiences as a young boy led him 2 prefer young boys sexually. He's know this since he was very young & has had 2 hide this. He, probably correctly, blames his abuser.
  • AnonymousThis is a song about joining the IRA
  • Sean from Marathon OnI always thought the song was about the troubles of Black men during the 60s. "No one" meant white people as having "blue eyes" knew what it was like to be seen as the "bad man" the "sad man". Cracking open your clenched fist I thought meant peaceful resolutions as opposed to violence against those seen as opposers
  • Seventhmist from 7th HeavenI got food poisoning long ago and when my wife asked what was wrong, I said, "I think I swallowed something evil." But we soon knew that she wouldn't need to stick her finger down my throat.
  • Pikachu from Pokemon_islandTo me that song is about trauma, it applies equally well to veterans, terror attack survivor, gun violence survivor, substance abuse survivor, sexual abuse survivor, violence abuse survivor (as in attemted murder)
    bad man/sad man can be either/both
    because trauma survivor feel guilty regardless
    I couldn't throw myself on the bomb
    I must have been a temptress/temptor
    I should have made them drop their weapons
    It's my fault mom/dad divorced
    to be hated relate to that guilt
    trauma is connected to post traumatic stress disorder
    which means you need to stay in control, and avoid any trigger, avoid thinking about it
    it makes really hard to talk about it
    because you either break down in tears
    or lash out violently
    (ptsd sometimes come with hallucinations / heigtened allertness that makes you jump at shadows)
    fated to telling only lies refer to that impossibility to talk about it
    the loneliness goes with it
    again ... i blame only you ... refer to self guilt ... regardless of the events
    just the intensity of the song tells you how much emotion is in it
    as for peoples who did cover and had difficulty doing the whole song
    maybe they can't stomach it because the song hit too close to home
    there is a reason singer sometimes choke on stage
    it's not as easy as it seems when it's deeply eotional
    That's just my take
    and if you know any survivors
    take good care of them
  • Heresy 4fold from Circle 7Imagine the bloody murder behind brown eyes!
  • Roberta Trevisan from S?o Paulo, BrazilOh God, Pete Townshend doesn't need to do great things to amuse me. Playing his guitar is enough... I would love to see them live... dreams, only dreams...
  • Sarah from Parkside, PaI love this song; it is one of my favorite Who songs and I'm only 16. My dad got me into the Who about a year or two ago, but I grew up with classic rock like Zeppelin and The Who..I wish I could have seen the Who live with Moonie. Keith moon is my favorite drummer. Never heard the Limp Bizkit version and I don't really want to either..all I know is that The Who is one of the greatest bands in the history of classic rock!!
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, favorite version of this song is the version on the lifehouse Chronicles by Pete Townshend. It. is. Gorgeous!
  • Joe from Broomfield, CoHave to agree on the addiction part, come on, if I swallow anything evil, put your finger down my throat, what happens when you put your finger down your throat, you throw up what ever you put down, ... or ..When my fist clenches, crack it open
    Before I use it and lose my cool ,.............. if your shooting dope, your clenching your fist, for one to get a vein, wont happen if you crack it open, .............If I shiver, please give me a blanket ,Keep me warm, let me wear your coat me thru withdrawals..................The rest of the song is a person who has swallowed his pain for to long, you use drugs to run away from your pain, Back in the 70s, thats how we did it.
  • Jim from Sarasota, FlA Man fighting his personal demons, most likely addiction, I kind of thought this was a given, but I am old, what do I know.
  • Abby from London, United KingdomI'm 13 and incredibly jealous that my dad got to see them with john, roger, and pete!! I wish music today could be as amazing as this!
  • Charity from London, United KingdomHearing this song many hundreds of times, aware of PT's history, themes of child sexual abuse; I am surprised no-one has mentioned the possibility of the song being about the pain & struggle of an adult who was sexually abused as child to overcome the rage and perhaps his own shameful feelings/desires. I have read that most child molesters were sexually abused as children. The way the author describes himself is child-like...

    To be the bad man (monster/abuser)
    To be the sad man (powerless victim)
    Behind blue eyes (seemingly innocent)

    To be hated(abused=hated)
    To be fated to telling only lies (abused children are often coerced/forced to lie through threats or other means to cover for their abusers, shame and guilt must follow)

    But my dreams They aren't as empty
    As my conscience seems to be (learning to lie to cover up your own and possibly others/siblings? abuse could lead to a desensitization/lack of conscience as a survival/defense mechanism)

    I have hours, only lonely
    My love is vengeance That's never free
    (This line is interesting... Love is equated with Vengeance(righteous revenge)=LOVE???? Physical act of love is vengeance? Wow, who would think that other than someone to whom this was done...Makes sense if you were raped as a child. Other's Sexual pleasure is your pain/shame violation. As a grown up (now)powerful man wouldn't sexual revenge be part of this person's way of thinking?)

    No one knows what it's like
    To feel these (shameful) feelings Like I do
    And I blame you (the abuser)

    No one bites back as hard On their anger
    None of my pain and woe Can show through
    (Again living a lie, this stuff happened and people simply did NOT talk about it 40 yrs ago; certainly not men. There was too much shame in admitting this even happened to you)

    When my fist clenches, crack it open
    Before I use it and lose my cool
    When I smile, tell me some bad news
    Before I laugh and act like a fool
    (this reminds me of a volatile person who is desperately afraid of losing control...Prone to violence,but really has the need to look "cool"...)

    If I swallow anything evil
    put your finger down my throat
    If I shiver, please give me a blanket
    Keep me warm, let me wear your coat
    (This sounds like he is also very likely to harm himself, through drugs whatever and he is asking for kindness, to be looked after, almost like a child)

    No one knows what it's like
    To be the bad man
    To be the sad man
    Behind blue eyes
    (I think he's exposing his unpoken inner torment that he sees in the mirror every day at being abused as a kid)
    That's what i think...
  • Joel from Downs, KsI'm going to go out on a limb here and say that there are many interpretations of the lyrics. Like nobody else knows that (sarcasam aside).
    I don't really care what the true meaning of the song is I just like the song. I think we can all relate to atleast some of it. Some more than others.
  • Jon from West Bloomfield, MiI am just surprised no one mentioned the drug addiction connection on here before, as a child of the 70s, but I guess it isn't something they would talk about. I know there is the official lighthouse story, and also Keith Moon died just a few years later and do some research, this fits Keith like a glove
  • Jon from West Bloomfield, MiBehind Blue Eyes:
    This is a perfect Addicts song, its all about the pain of addiction and trying to go clean, ...When my fist clenches, crack it open
    Before I use it and lose my cool ..Its about clenching your fist for the needle to shoot drugs...........
    If I swallow anything evil, Put your finger down my throat, for if he takes drugs in pill forms..............If I shiver, please give me a blanket, Keep me warm, let me wear your coat..., going thru withdrawal, you get the shakes and very cold.....
    After a while of extreme drug use, you feel no pain, and you feel nothing else, everything gets bottled up to an extreme level, you dont know how to feel, you get enraged but you don't know how to feel after a while, or just plain afraid to show it. just need to keep using drugs to keep all of it in you, for fear of not being able to handle it, your thinking is all messed up, and will blame anyone in front of you, you live you live full of vengeance thinking always looking for someone to blame, you run away, living to do more drugs, you live a large lie, you lie about your problem, your whole life becomes a lie. These are the biggest known things of being an addict
  • Jj from Manassas, VaOne of the best The Who songs ever recorded.
  • Dean from Miami , FlRoger Daltrey does a good job on lead vocals with this song. His voice blends in well with the acoustic guitar. My favorite line in the song is But my dreams

    They aren't as empty

    As my conscience seems to be

    I have hours, only lonely

    My love is vengeance

    That's never free
  • Rich from Northern, WiI heard many years ago that this song was about a cop. Parts of the song are his own personal narrative, and other parts are his cynical take on things people say to him. It kinda makes sense if you listen to the lyrics from a cops perspective. The Blue eyes are the uniform. Maybe this is why CSI wanted it for their intro?
  • Crizzle from Rincon, GaThis isnt just one of the best Who songs, it is one of histories great recordings.
  • Ryan from Mobile, AlPeople are so ignorant and stubborn. They hear one version and refuse to hear another. One person said that a cover shows respect to the original artist. I agree to a certain extent. Some things should not be touched. For example, I believe Hollywood Undead did a Zeppelin cover. They are the only band that has ever made my ears feel like they were bleeding. Anyway, back to Durst's cover of this classic. His vocals were good for this song. If you could actually stop comparing it to the original, you'd see he did well. The problem with his cover really came at the end when he started that "L-I-M-P ... discover" crap. He does not have the ability to perform the last part of the song as it was in the original. I've heard covers where the ending solo is simply left out, and this should have been the same way. The part he couldn't do should have been left out, not changed. The original version by The Who still grows on me today. Yes, it is the better version. It's so much more powerful, and in my case, calming.
  • Hunter from Sydeny, AustraliaHonestly to the people who think that Limp bizkit killed the song which wasn't just fred durst, there in band wich is like a team there all in it together. if its that bad dont listen to it and complain about it, U morons. waste ur time on something else . It wasn't that bad and the cover couldn't kill it, if the song is believed to be that good. Ur all just hating on Fred Durst not the cover
  • S from San Gabriel, CaI agree that Limp Bizkit's cover is dreadful, but it's still a sign of respect to even attempt to cover another band's song... i wish more bands would cover the the classics. The Beatles, The Stones, The Who all started out doing coversPearl Jam sounds a lot better covering The Who or Zep or Neil Young than they do when they play originals... and their version of Love Reign O'er Me rocks!!!! So does Bettye Lavette's version.
  • Ross from Leicester, United KingdomAnd here's another interpretation ! In a documentary on the album Daltrey claimed the song was written about him by Townshend. At the time Daltrey kept getting into fights and was in danger of being kicked out of the band ("if my fist clenches"). I suppose bits of all interpretations could be true.
  • Jimmy from Winnipeg, Mb, MbI hate how Limp Bizkit ''covered'' this song. I'm sure this has allready been said, but too take something as beautifal as this and very close, personnal feelings of Townshend and turn it into crap is so incredably disrespecful. It's one thing to cover a song of a band that you truley respect, as a tribute to a great inspiration but to turn it into that crap?! I don't pretend to know alot about Limp Bizkit, but I do know alot about The Who. And when people say the line ''Behind Blue Eyes is by Limp Bizkit''. It makes me sad. Limp Bizkit made a mockery of Townshend personall feelings and Masterpeice of a song. It's truley disgusting...
  • David from Chandler, InI loved reading all these post, but must confess I can not understand people getting upset about a song being remade by someone else. It's not about flattery, It's about that artist doing what each and everyone of us would do to a song like this if given a chance. What I am saying is these various artist are remaking the song the way they feel about it(to themselves) To them it's not about how many people like their version as much as how it speaks what they feel the song meant to them personally even if we don't see it. and I think that should deserve a little respect. I like Fred Durst, Can't stand Limp Bizket, but personally fell the Who's version is better then any of the remakes done. Respect the music not the Artist
  • Chase from Miami, Flthis is one of my theme songs partly because i have blue eyes and here i go again is my other im pretty sure hitler had brown eyes by the way and john lennons dead, sorry to burst your bubble,billy of nederland texas
  • William from South Portland, MeI was lucky enough to see The Who perform this song live just once, although I've marveled at the lyrics for the past...

    Oh, my God, has it been...almost 40 years?!?!?

    Is this even possible? (Flashback to Charton Heston Planet of the Apes) Christ, YES, it's not only possible, it's true!! (Now Soylent Green) It's TRUE! Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!!!

    Egads, dos pills, dat weed, dem drugs, dey do eventually takes der toll mightily, don't dey?

    "Yes, Buckwheat," quips Spanky while nodding fiercely, "Dey do!"

    Anyway, to me at least, while watching Roger sing this particular tune into the vast airy expanse that was, at the time known as Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, on a hot, humid August evening in 1987 (or was it '88 or '89?) I was finally absolutely unequivocally convinced that this song was written from the angst-ridden POV of a modern-day WWII-era former NAZI living somewhere in Europe where WWII-era German men are all believed to be former Nazi henchmen who still secretly meet weekly to swap stories of the glory days while lovingly spit-polishing their shock trooper boots and riding crops. ANYWAY, this old timer is filled with angst caused by the PC world we now live in combined with his inability to "mend" or juxtapose his own self-image with the modern (read circa-Orwell's-1984) world. Regardless of what everyone around him believes, he sees himself as a Jack-booted thug, which of course, he still is. Cheers! ;-)
  • Trevor from Durham, NcI agree with Allison and Dylin, this song rocks!!!
  • Joel from Columbia, ScI do like this song (The Who's original version and not the Fred Durst version). Whenever I hear the song I either think of Hugh Laurie (House,MD) or the guy who plays Sawyer on Lost.
  • Billy from Nederland , Txsorry, I ment to say, "I'm pretty sure I don't want to." Crap, I always leave a word out everytime!
  • Billy from Nederland , TxAmazing song. I've never heard the Limp Bizkit cover, but I'm pretty sure I don't to. I'm kinda young, but my favorite genre is classic rock. Long Live, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Byrds, Aerosmith,Guns N' Roses, The Beatles,John Lennon, Kansas,Lynyrd Skynyrd,Queen, and Nirvana!(I know Nirvana isn't classic, but they're awesome.)
  • Hugo from Philadelphia, PaYou know, compared to Limp Bizkit, Metallica's a pretty Ok band...

    ...No wait I take it back, they're both dreadful.
  • Kayla from Oklahoma City, OkI personally hate Limp Bizkit, and I also don't care for The Who... but I did, to be fair, listen to both versions of the song, and yes, the Limp Bizkit cover was better, in my eyes. Sad to say. And, yeah, unfortunately, when I heard it first, I thought it was an original Limp Bizkit song, and I was like, "Whoa... okay... this isn't anything like their other crap... it's really good."

    No one be offended, these things will happen. I also thought "Turn the Page" was an original Metallica song... -sigh- Oh well.
  • Kevin from Bristol, RiI'm pretty sure this song came out of Pete Townshend's pain in discovering he was gay and not being able to live his life as a gay man.
  • Geoff from Adelaide, AustraliaI saw the Who live in Adelaide a couple of weeks ago - they played a fantastic version of this song. The crowd loved it.
  • Brad from Lexington, KyI'm also 13 and I also hate Limp Bizkit's cover. I think it ruined an awesome song. The Who's original version rocks though. It is one of my favorite songs off one of my favorite albums by one of my favorite bands.
  • Johnathan from Pittsburgh, Pahahahhahahhahahahha this was ranked the 4th worst cover worse than the britney spears satisfaction cover
  • Johnathan from Pittsburgh, PaI am 13 and a big classic rock fan and the Who is one of my favorite bands. When i typed Behind Blue Eyes in google unfortunately Limp Bizkit came up. I listened to the cover and it sucks alone not to mention compared to the original song.
  • Tracy from Tulsa, OkTo me this song is about being angry and resentful on the inside, but playing it off to the rest of the world, not showing it... yet still having moments of clarity and hope.
    Provoking song. Beautiful.
  • Niles from Belpre, OhI've never heard limp bizkit's version.
    and I really don't care to.
    I've listened to the Who for a lot of years.
    they're the best
  • G from Potomac, MdThere are three different explanations given as to what the lyrics are. I hope at this point we can understand that there is hardly ever one explanation for a piece of art, even if the artist supplies an explanation/interpretation. So many times on this site I read as a "fact" "this song means X," but by nature that can't really be a fact, can it?
  • Brunospfc from Maxassucetiz, Burkina Fasogreat song, it tells histories, you cant find songs like this today...sad :( ...and IT IS an offense if people thinks its a Limp Bizkit song, tell everyone you know, do not let it happen :)
  • Lee from Northbend, Ori really like this song
    now listion here i think this song is about someone who makes mistakes and is labeled a bad person and who screws up but he trys to do the right thing but no one gets him no matter how hard they try they will be labeled bad
    that song harks to my personal feelings and experieances
  • Cyberpope from Richmond, CanadaThis was the song originally considered for the theme of the TV series "CSI New York"
  • Zach from Fairfield, Ca I think, the problem with music today, is, it doesn't relate with the majority of people now days. No music express how we feel overall, because the music industry justs want to make the most money quickly, so they go on creating bands and making sell outs. And while, the American Hip Hop and Rap scene may be taking off, the music doesn't represent much. It's just something to dance too. Behind Blue Eyes is something you don't just listen too, you relate too.
  • Mary from Dallas, TxI can't believe that some people actually think Limp Bizkit wrote this song. I mean, come on!?!? No offense to any Limp Bizkit fans (or maybe I intend offense), but Limp Bizkit doesn't even come close to having enough musical ability to write a song like this!!! Only the Who could, great band.
  • Leesa from Melbourne, AustraliaThere so many references to "To Kill a Mockingbird" in this song. I think it is written from Arthur "Boo" Radley's perspective. Pete Townshend has said this is his favourite book and if you look closely at the lyrics, it appears to be about Boo's life. Boo's father and brother kept him in the house and he was taught to suppress all his emotions.
  • Donna from Delanco, NjI think Fred does a good job singing this song
  • Rosie from Ashprington, United KingdomThis song could have been written for my my husband, a narcissistic emotional abuser who almost destroyed my soul - and sometimes still tries, although he's found someone else to give him his coat - He loves this song. I wonder if he really understands it. I wish he would !
  • Dhalia from Tacoma, WaI dont understand why everyone is so hard on Limp Bizkit...If not for so many young artists re-making songs today the youth would never know the song at all. The original is always the best but the re-makes can sometimes be a way for everyone to enjoy the words and poetry of a song.
  • Tom from Fort Lauderdale, FlI have a very different interpretation of the song. I grew up in the 1970s listening to The Who, and I assumed it was a song about the struggles of being a closeted gay during a time when the only option for most gays was to live closted, Behind Blue Eyes. Noone knows what it's like to be a bad man, to be a sad man ... to be hated, to be fated, to telling only lies. When this was released in 1971, a closted gay person's conscience semed to be empty because they could not live honestly, but they had the same dreams. Noone knows what its like to feel these feelings ... I have hours only lonely. It's a beautiful song.
  • Louise from Newcastle, United Kingdom"The Limp Bizkit version is one of the worst covers in history."- yeah, it was nasty. The lyrics to this song are great.
  • Elijah from Huntsville, AlI just heard the song 'Behind Blue Eyes' by Limp Bizkit, and it was horrible. They should be ashamed for tyring to redo the song.
  • Nubosa from Houston, TxIt's about heroin addiction and withdrawal: 'When I shiver give me a blanket, keep me warm..."

    No one knows what it's like to be the sad man (addiction) behind blue eyes, possibly Townsend's own addictions.
  • Scott from Boston, MaTotally agree with you Sarah. I'm 18 and 90% of the music I listen to is from before I was born. The Who is my favorite band. I saw them in concert last year and they were still awesome. I can't even imagine how amazing it would have been to see them with Entwistle and Moon.
  • Machele from Eureka Springs, ArI am from the who generation, I try to be open to other music, I ask my son if he heard of another version, he got on the computer and downloaded it, he said it was not what i was used to. was he ever right. The Who snad that song, whatever fred durst done, was not that song. Why can't new bands, groups, whatever you want to call them come up with their own songs, not trash the old, proven good songs. Are they that untalented that they have to redo songs that were released before they were even born...maybe, because that was the good songs,,,come up with your own.
  • Bruno from Viña, Chileyou are not alone in that sarah, I'm 17 and this is one if not my favorite song,and I love the music from the 70's way more than the music from these days.

    anyway I love this song, it remembers me "Friends" from led zeppelin, it feels like the ywere sung by the same person (in how he explains himself, like the character from the song), but without ... friends.
  • Sarah from Hamilton, Canadai love this song its soo good!! im 16 years old and i think that music these days isnt as good as back then before i was born! that music is the best kind of music ever i love it!...but im just one teenager...and its just my opinion
  • Melanie from Seattle, WaI love the Who!! People like Fred Durst shouldn't even touch real music. He covered this song and also Zeppelin's "Thank You"... it makes me so mad. But this amazing WHO song will always be one of my favorites!!
  • Nick from Cleveland, OhI heard somewhere that this song was written through the eyes of Hitler, if you read the lyrics, it could be interpeted as that
  • Sally from South Orange, NjI think REM could do a great cover of this; it reminds me of their stuff.
  • Shannan from Wilmington, DeWonderful, beautiful song. I love the Who!! There's a little bit of Roger and Pete in the song.
  • Shannan from Wilmington, DeThis is a beautiful song. Pete Townsend has beautiful blue eyes, and I love how he said a prayer to try and help him resist temptation. He is a very intellegent person and has written many wonderful songs. Gotta love Pete. I do.
  • Gigglychick from Kensington, EnglandWell I happen to think Limp Bizkit did I really exellent job.
  • Atsve from Cairns, AustraliaFred Durst did an alright version, but why release it as a single and even do a remake of it. As if Fred Durst has any problems bad enough to feel sorry about, he didn't give a sh*t when that girl that got trampled to death in their mosh pit and then he kept playing the concert, did he. It was something like that.
  • John from Melbourne, Australia, AustraliaQ what do you say to a woman with two black eyes ?
    A nothing. you've already told her twice.
    Great song to makeup with.
  • Chris from Wheatland, CaIt is a really great song and i believe that limp bizkit didnt do a bad job on it of course the orginal is better but still its too good of a tune to suck even if sung by limp bizkit
  • Gary from Seattle, WaDereck, I hate to inform, but there have been many concerts where The WHo have NOT performed Behind Blues . . .many.

    Thanks, Gary
  • Spog Zallagi from Blue Hill, MeI always thought this song was deep. I thought it described someone that was unstable and violent and crying for help. I'm 15 so I need more education on classic rock since I'm technically part of Generation X though I was never old enough to understand it. I grew up listening to the Blues.
  • J from Wynnewood, PaKudos for the Songfacts author(s) for getting this one right: anyone who questions the fact that this song (whatever inspired it) was written for the "Jumbo" character in "Lifehouse" should hear the version on "Lifehouse Elements," a single-disc release that contains extracts from "Lifehouse Chronicles" (the latter being an exquisite boxed set that contains 6 discs).

    The version of "BBE" on "Elements" is sung by a man, a baritone I think, and it's to a completely acoustic accompaniment. I haven't listened to the complete "Chronicles" (it just arrived an hour ago), but the version on "Elements" suggests that the Jumbo character is not entirely comfortable with his role in the repressive and intrusive government ("But my dreams are not as empty/as my conscience seems to be" -- sung with a very poignant and somewhat mournful tone). Typical of Townshend to portray a supposed villain as a human being who is not thoroughly evil, acknowledging that all of us have our angels and demons in some proportion.

    Saying that "BBE" was written for a particular character in a particular context does not, repeat not, contradict any of the "origins" stories for the song: one thing that writers do is integrate their own experiences and reshape them as fiction -- the ability to do this effectively breathes life into characters and situations that might seem artificial if based on pure invention.
  • Bob from Virginia Beach, VaWho's Next was the first album I ever bought (in 1971, Decca label) and Behind Blue Eyes one of the first songs I learned on the guitar. It's awesome to see comments from people all around the world that appreciate this highlight of the British invasion.
  • Detlev from Geneva, IlAny song can only contain lyrics that refer to general ideas. Of course you can infer some real ideas and events from lyrics and pick up a story from there. Also, the artist usually has their own meaning, and as art you can attach your own meaning despite this. Blue eyes gets to me as it reflects things from my childhood very well. I have blue eyes and I fought a number of fist fights in youth to defend myself from everyone around because I suffered hate as a real outsider. I looked to find girlfriends for their comfort, support and understanding from my preteens onward. This started in England where maybe Pete had similar experiences growing up. Check out Bargain by The Who as well which is another one that gets to me. Haven't heard the LB cover yet. I just don't think anyone can improve the original for me.

  • Joe from Bellingham, WaRight on Andrew! this is one of the greatest songs in the history of rock and roll. especially teh hard rock part in teh middle! its explosivly catchy and gives me the strenght to take out the champ every time i hear it!
  • Andrew from Brooklyn, Ny Listen, just because some lame band remade one of your favorite songs doesn't mean you should go around bi@%&ing and moaning about it. Sean "Diddy, P. Diddy, Puff Daddy" Combs, absolutely destroyed Kashmir, Every breath you take and even took a stab at Roxanne. Of course there are countless other "artists" that have covered Classic rock songs. Naturally I was upset at first, but after a while I stopped caring and just started laughing at those who enjoyed the weak-sauce covers/remakes. Sure imitation is the highest form of flattery, but when I think of imitation I think of SPAM and crab meat.
    Do the Classic Rock community a favor and stop posting about Limp Bizkit, you're only hurting the situation. Get back to the point of this forum and post comments about how much you love The Who, how much you love this song, and how much Classic Rock really rocks.
  • Andrew from Elk Grove, Cafor Limp Bizkit to cover this song is a disgrace to classic rock and mainly THe WHO!!!!!
  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlI hate it when the Limp Bizkit one plays on the radio and people go, "This is a cool song. Fred Durst is talented!" Then I tell them it wasn't even written by him, and that he isn't worthy to cover a song by the Who. Even if he did it as a tribute, which I doubt since he changed the arrangement of the song, it shouldn't have been a single.
  • Aylin from MontrealWho's Limp Bizkit?

    Gorgeous song.
  • Nick from Boston , MaThis is one of The Who's best songs.
  • Jake from Stevens, WiIm only 15 and was 13 the first time I heard the cover by Limp Bizcit. I thought it was one of the worst songs I had ever heard. About a year ago I got into classic rock and the first time I heard it i couldn't believe it. It sounded so familiar but a lot better. When it was over I heard it was by The Who. Today The Who version is my favorite song of all time. The two are so different it is unreal.
  • Levi from Anchorage, AkI just have to say that i absolutely love this song cause it's so like me. everyone hates me and wont tell me why it's so dang annoying!
  • Christoph from Graz, AustriaMy guitar teacher told me today that there was an original version by The Who! I din't even know about it. I think most people here just know the Limp Biskit version! (which is an horrible fact)
  • Dae from Sumter, ScOne of the best songs ever! I'm originally from the Jax. Fla area, and absolutely will not listen to Limp Bizkit.
    Behind Blue Eyes is a haunting melody, and a request at many funerals.
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaThe Who are too good to be butchered by rap-metal groups, especially when the lead singers an ass who feels sorry for himself for all the stupid he has done during his career, i.e. the Big Day Out incident which left a young woman dead. Why was the uber cool "When my fist clenches, crack it open" section left out for moody nothingness?
  • Jon from Oakridge, OrI love this song. It's an anthem for almost all young men and how so much is expected from them. (not that that's a bad thing)
  • Xavier from Pune, IndiaLimp Bizkit murdered a Classic! Thats all that i can say... My heart gently weeps... Why Durst Why????
  • Marty from South Glastonbury, Fldurst is just talking about his generation, and that interpetation has to be different otherwise its nostolgia or living in the past those that can't appreciate it are just as narrow minded as thier parents were in the "day". In other words lighten up, dude the spirit is there just seen through the current light, human feelings remain the same only the adjectives change
  • Dennis from Anchorage, AkThe Limp Bizkit version is one of the worst covers in history. I was once discussing how covers are usually inferior to originals and heard a teenager suggest that this was an exception. His mother is a dear friend of mine, so I let him live...
  • Stacey from Nowra, Australiai'm not sure but i think durst says L-I-M-P discover L-I-M-P its like they put an ad for themselves in the middle of the song
  • Chris from Darwen, Englandnot heard the original.... but what does dusrt spell in the remake??? ive not got a bloody clue!!! please help
  • Michelle from Sydney, AustraliaI don't know if you guys know that Limp Bizkit played at Big Day out here in Australia a few years ago, anyway a girl died in the mosh pit while Limp Bizkit was playing (she got crushed in the crowd), and Limp Bizkit re-did the song in honour of her. I think it was a very noble thing to do. And I really like the song.
  • Stacey from Nowra, Australiai'm not a limp bizkit fan but I LOVE THE LIMP BIZKIT version of this song "imitation is the highest form of flattery" i like some 'who' songs and the original behind blue eyes isn't one of them so i think its cool that i have the chance to appriciate the beauty of these lyrics in a song i like just so you no i'm 15 and love lots of NOW bands but i still have room in my heart for old classics like tom petty, the boomtown rats, queen and kiss maybe you people who have prejudces against songs just because they are new, popular or because the same words were sung (differently) by a band like 30 years ago should try to be a little more open. lastly you guys all sound like old fogies "back in my day...
  • Michael from Levittown, PaWho the fu*k takes such a classic song, changes the lyrics, adds a "Speak and Spell" in the middle and calls that music? I guess the answer is a no talent assclown named Fred Durst. I mean a "Speak and Spell"? By the way Fred's voice sounds like it is a "Speak and Spell" with all the effects he puts on his vocals. I guess he has to cover up the fact that he can't sing.

    Fortunatly, after a while, we will all forget this atrocity. The Who's version of "Behind Blue Eyes" will we always remember.
  • Patrick from Dayville, CtSOmebody might have said this already but ohh well i waqnted to get my voice out there. I personally hate Limp Biscuit and there version of this song was a massacare. It wasn't even close to the same song.....except for the lyrics. I don't get why bands try to copy the feeling of songs when they remake just doesn't work. When Metallica redmade turn the page they did not try to make it the same as the bob segar version but went an entirly different route and really made a totally new song. But limp biscuit tried to copy behind blue eyes it didn't work. The voice didn't seem to have the same sort of emotion or feeling to just seemed like someone singing....not....well uhh...really singing with emotion. I give all the credit to the Who....this was really an emotional song that i personally like alot
  • Erik from Somers, NyLimp Bizkit's cover is almost as beautiful as Korn's stunning rendition of "Another Brick in the Wall (Pt. 2).

    In more fun news, I love this song.
  • Kory from Atlanta, GaI'll never forget when I heard this song was about Adolf Hitler. While I don't think it's true, I thought it was weird to relate it to Hitler at the time.......
  • Roe from Joburg, South AfricaI first heard the limp version and thought well this is the same comercial stuff they always turn out. Then a friend of mine introdused me to the who and i loved it. Talk to musicians if you can find them, they are always in awe of the original. There is nothing as humbling as a great song even to the most vain
  • Robb from Wantagh, NyThis song has nothing to do with anything. I was reading a little thing where Pete Townshend was talking about the song, and he claims that the song isn't about anyone, he was just using it to have a song for the bad guy in the 'Life House' project.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScIt's kind of hard to forget Fred when he seems to have screwed up every classic rock song he's covered. He apparently covered "Thank You" by Led Zeppelin. I've ne ver heard that cover, and I never want too. I think he covered a song by Metallica too, but I'm not sure if he did, and which one it was.
  • Chris from Corte Madera, CaEnough of the Limp Bizkit version. Except for the Bass players i think we all can agree that Durst's atrocity doesnt come CLOSE to standing up to The Who's orginal. nowhere near, period. So forget Fred. This is one of Townshends masterpieces; it is only another example of his incredible songwriting capabilities. No one could capture such a range of emotions in less than 4 mins like Pete. Rogers vocals are perfect and once Keith comes in the song straight up rocks. One of the greatest songs ever. Let's focus on that. not that walking plague Fred Durst
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhLimp Bizkit does not deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as The Who.
  • Gita from Av, Mn*cough* OK I know that people are probably going to bash the crap out of my post for saying this, but I think that the remake that Bizkit did is beautiful. I cried, and no not tears of disgust. I think Durst's voice is like IDK just gorgeous when he's actually singing. I absolutely love The Who, and I listened to the original version by them way before I heard the Bizkit version, and I really wasn't that into it ... I loved the lyrics, but just I don't know I just didn't really like it. Then I listened to Bizkit's and well it's now one of my favorite songs ... Either way, even if you hate Bizkit's cover, the lyrics are beautiful no matter who sings them. Just don't be so judgemental, please. Oh, I was kinda dissapointed they cut out the solo part and put in the L.I.M.P. part instead ... But still. (Not trying to be mean but does Fred Durst even have blue eyes? I love BIzkit to death but I mean???)
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, Schey liriwen, that comment is pretty funny, and true. limp Bizkit does suck!
  • Ed from London, CanadaI think I remember hearing something about Townshend talking about this song, and he was refering to the part where "If my fist clenches", he used to get in a lot of fights, and that if he wanted to continue in his career he would have to stop fighting...

    I'd say Bizkit's cover was OK (as in if they had wrote the song, I wouldn't fall over laughing), but since the Who made it, I have to say that Bizkit sucks and they should be stabbed.
  • Joe from Airdrie, CanadaI love the who and behind blue eyes and i hate Limp Bizkik. But i do have this to say especially to dick from detroit, not all new music sucks. for example J-tull dot com and roots to branches by jethro tull. Or if you want a newer band try Dream Theater.

    as well I too am a fan of Progressive rock and Classic rock
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaLimp Bizkit's cover is trash. I would just love to take a minute to trash Limp Bizkit. Trash, trash, trash... trashy trash tash. La la la la la la trashy trashy trashy (sang to the tune of Ring Around the Roses, I think it makes a pretty good song. Actually a hell of a lot better than anything Limp Bizkit has ever done!) Anyway, this is a very good song.
  • Colin from Foster City, CaI agree with the common opinion in the comment list. I have listened to Limp Bizkit's version of this song, and it disgusted me. Thankfully I don't have any friends who listen to Limp Bizkit at all. The Who did a much better version..
  • Amanda from Newberg, OrI agree with all the people berating Limp Bizkit's version. It's totally awful! The parts they kept do not sound different enough from the original to warrant releasing a cover, and the left out the best parts! The middle section is where it really picks up and gets awesome. Without it, the song is really lame. That said, I want to agree with Peter from Providence about the "Germans after WWII" thing. My dad was a Who fan when he was a teen, and he has always told us that that was what this song was about, "blue eyes" being the stereotypical attribute of the "master Aryan race" of Germans. The song is saying that they're real people, too, and feel pain, cold, and loneliness. Yet everyone still saw them as the "bad man," and Germans were portrayed as villains for many years after the war.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScMatt from california. i completely agree with you, and that last line of your comment is pretty funny, as in ha ha! Seriously though, I can't believe that limp Bizkit did the cover and didn't give pete townshend any credit. It isn't even a goood cover, and I can't believe some people think that the song is a limp Bizkit original! Limp Bizkit? Who would want to name their group that anyway?
  • John from Albany, NyOkay, I have rarely got angry over music in my life but I found myself punching things when I found Limp Bizkit had covered such a masterpiece as Behind Blue Eyes. This song really showcases Townshend's musical genious and I have heard people who actually think that Fred Durst wrote this song! Ugh what a tool. Anyway, this song (done by The Who!) is one of rock's best.
  • John from Edinburgh, ScotlandIf I remember rightly this song was about a sociopath(as they say in America). There was some involvement by The Who with a film called 'McVicar' which is about a British sociopath and it may even get played in the movie
  • Brandon from Morristown, TnAmen Matt,but they will never get it and alot of people will be happy to eat this gargbe up and bnever hear it as it was meant to be.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaWorst cover ever. I don't care who you are, rap and rock don't mix in the same band...especially if your lead singer is white. Limp Bizkit isn't good enough to retreive the Who's broken instruments.
  • Brandon from Morristown, Tn''I like Bizcits cover by its much more well done by The Who and it is one of my favs by them, its great.
    - Shana, Pembroke, Canada ''
    Maam to no disrepect but are you out of your mind.That band called Limp Bizkit(if u can call it a band)couldnt even come close to the skill of a band like The Who.And im only 14 and not much of todays pop culture has influenced me at all.Im not saying ive not listened to some of the newer music in the world.But come on people I cant change your veiw of music and life but read this and take it into consideration,How much talent does it take to make words rhyme?How much talent to make a loud bass sound that makes stuff bounce and obsurce the vuglarness in the so called lyrics.Im not saying im not used to hearing vulgarites(ex.Frank Zappa Fu*k Yourself-kick ass guitar solo in it)but please stop spewing them forward to corroad todays youth's mind and opinions(the ones that dont already follow anything deemed popular cause of other people).Now that I got that out of my system this song is quite easily one of the more beautiful songs ive heard.It displays a man anger,feelings,and you get where im going on this.But thank The God above that a good bit of people in my school have elevated above the so called coolness of todays music(mostly people who grew up on this brand of music and guitarist who see the genius of this music).I find alot of the music in todays culture sickining,and the covers are usally the worst.Why cant they leave quality music along(or at least learn dyinamics of music-varring tones and volume-).But this is sorta a song that coneys how a good part of my life has been.Thanks for reading this have please have a good day and keep enjoying classic music like this.
  • Eddie from Petaluma, Cathe limp bizkit verson disgusted me. pete is a rock and roll god and doesent get the credit he deserves.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, Sci agtee with all of you who think that Limp bizkit's vresion suck. i already didn't like fred dirst when he covered the song and now I can't believe he covered the song without giving credit to Pete Wownshend! Damn him! Bet you a hundred bucks that he didn't get permission to change the lyrics, and to take out the rockin' part. I think pete Townshend should file a law suit! after if songwriters are ripped off and don't get any credit, they can file a law suit.
  • Nessie from Sapporo, Japan<> Wasn't he abused as a child? I think that might have something to do with it, and with his bust for pedophilic material. Great song. The acoustic version blows away both the Who album version and the Limp Bizkit version.
  • Jo-c from Lima, PeruCrap! I agree with everyone who says Fred Durst ruined this song because now everyone believes its Limp Bizkit. Great, another rock band and rock classic that got completely scammed and got its fame stolen.
  • Dick from Detroit, MiI've never heard the "butchered" version, but I know without listening to it just what I might expect. I'm sorry, but I for one am sick and tired of no-talent modern "artists" remaking covers. The Who ROCKS! They are my favorite band. NOBODY could do Behind Blue Eyes like them. I'm actually sickened to think that Limp Bizkit tried. What's next, Eminem doing Quadrophenia?! 50 Cent doing Tommy?! I'm sorry, but to all modern "artists", keep your filthy, grubby hands OFF of CLASSIC MATERIAL! LONG LIVE CLASSIC ROCK! They need a mandatory class in high school called Classic Rock Appreciation, where only real music is piped into teenagers' heads until they solemly swear to pitch every album they own that was produced after around 1993 or so. Seriously, I would love this. I'm 16 years old, and I listen to Classic and Progressive Rock, and NOBODY else does. They're total idiots who don't even realize that without the classic artists, their "music" wouldn't even exist. Again, LONG LIVE CLASSIC ROCK!
  • Roger from Quebec, CanadaSo selfish all you "Baby Boomers". You should recognize that 2000th youth would have never known or heard about The Who without this cover by LimpBiskit. And by the way, be objective, listening to both, the "new" version is very faithful to the Masterpiece.
  • Vincent from St. Davids, EnglandIn one Episode of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' we see Giles playing this song.
  • Juan from Dunedin, New ZealandThis is an absolutely brilliant song, I cant believe you guys are bashing it. Fred really hits the notes,and at times the sincerity in his voice almost brings me to tears. Amazing. Love live Limp Bizkit, this song will forever be in my heart. Im pretty sure he wrote it incidentally. Im off to listen to it right now.
  • Allen from Bethel, AkLimp Bizkit completely butchered this awesome song. When ever I hear Fred sing "No one knows what its like...", I want to stab my eardrums out. I hate Limp Bizkit.
  • Bob from Norristown, PaWow! I didnt like Limp Bizkit before.. After I heard them cover Behing Blues Eyes, my dislike for them grew even stonger.. I am going to keep my comments clean, so I am not going to voice my real thought about Fred Durst, but you get my point.
  • Bob from Norristown, PaEven though this song goes without drums until almost 2 and a half minutes deep, when they do come in, this is one of my favorite pieces of drumming. KEITH MOON IS THE MAN....................
  • Ronnie from Ft. Meyers, FlPete Townshend often commented that he thought the album Who's Next was the masterpiece of his career. After the album came out he commented that the rest of his career would be a complete let down because he knew he could never write anything again as good as this album.
  • Gabby from Barrington, Ili thought it was a selfish teenagey song. it's a great song, musically, but otherwisehe sounds kind of bratty.

    limp bizkit covering the who? that's like eminem covering the dead.
  • Will from Schoharie, NyListening to the Limp Bizkit cover of this was the worst thing to happen to me since I heard the Britney Spears cover of the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction." Where in the name of God do these no talent modern "artists" get off covering classic rock and roll songs? Moreover, what made that moron Durst think he could re-write a song by Pete Townshend?

    And while we're on the subject of Mr. Townshend, he was completely cleared of child porn charges. As someone else posted, no pornographic material was found on any of Pete's computers. In fact, Pete had been on an anti-child porn crusade for some time before his arrest, and was regularly posting information about his fight on his website. He accessed the site to do some more research for his project, gave his credit card number, then immediately e-mailed both the police and an Internet watchdog group to inform them of what he had done and why he did it. The police somehow "lost" Townshend's e-mail, but the watchdog group produced it, leading to Townshend's being cleared.
  • James from Ragin' Rochester, NyJust out of curiosity, how many of you know the real title to probably the greatest song The Who ever did?
    I'm talking about the one most teens think is called "teenage Wasteland", but is actually titled "BABA O'RILEY"

    5 minutes and 8 seconds of pure genius found on "Who's next". released in the US August of 1971
  • Nathan from Brisbane, AustraliaI always thought that John English did this cause it is on the English History album.
  • Dave from Ulverston, EnglandSilvertide also covered this song recently. Their version is quite good, a little softer than The Who's (which is odd, as they're a harder rock band).
  • Jon from Dallas, TxLimp Bizkit's version of this is OK but they do not credit The Who for it. Music these days has become an endless (and shameless) copying of great songs and redoing them. Bands are no longer original in most cases and the few that still make their own music & lyrics should be commended. It's sad when 10-18 year olds have no idea about real rock and roll and are forced to listen to recycled songs that come out usually sounding like garbage and insulting the original singers/songwriters.
  • Anthony from Myob, NyThe remake tottaly sucks. How do you turn a three minute song into eight minutes?? Bizkit completely butchered the lyrics and the music itself. What makes a cover great is when you make the song with as little changes as possible but still let people know you made it thats why when van halen plays you really got me or pretty women that's the version you know but on the same note still respect the bands like the kinks that made the song. You don't take a classic song and completely screw it up like they did. When I heard it I was completely pissed off. I'm a die-hard who fan and Bizkit will forever be on my "give a hug to" list for as long as i'm around. It's a discrace to classic rock. Limp Bizkit just do us all a favor and F*@%ing stick to your own crappy music and stop butching everyone elses.
  • Shana from Pembroke, CanadaI like Bizcits cover by its much more well done by The Who and it is one of my favs by them, its great.
  • Martin from Sydney, AustraliaPaul from Bristol's comment is exactly what I thought when I first heard this song: though I heard it only after Townshend's arrest. The lyrics are certainly chilling when you know they were written by someone who admitted to having paid to view pedophilia. Incidentally, Townshend wrote the Who songs that are used for the "CSI" and "CSI:Miami" television shows ... which means that every time those police shows are played on TV anywhere in the world, a few cents performance fee goes to someone on a National Pedophile watchlist. Funny old world, isn't it?
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandSteve in Pennsylvania, I am impressed that a 13 year old can be so musically mature. Don't worry about the kids at your school. Once you get to my age (17), most of them will become more open-minded and will appreciate music for its quality, regardless of what decade it's from. As for the kids that remain shallow, they will have become the minority and thus they will be the ones who receive all the ridicule. So, don't worry about it.
  • Dereck from Cardiff, WalesJust a comment on Paul from Bristol's comment. I know you are not judging him but please, be accurate. He was not arrested for DOWNLOADING anything. He was arrested foe paying £5 to access a listing site. He didn't enter "a site" as such. It just listed other sites and contained images. He reported this fact to the Internet watch people who, when asked at the time, failed to confirm this but have done so since. People, THERE WERE NO IMAGES ON ANY OF HIS DOZEN OR SO, COMPUTERS!!!! Nuff said.
  • Matthew from Palos Park, IlI think SongFacts is incorrect about this fitting in 'Lifehouse'. Although it was written for the main villain, Jumbo, in mind, the song was moreso about the evil in all of us.
  • David from Waco, TxA huge majority of the gunslingers in the old west had blue eyes. I had read that Townsend was interested in that and also had the solo album (All The Best Cowboys have)Chinese Eyes
  • Chester from Lincolnshire, EnglandI never actually realised that this song was originally a song by The Who. I thought that the limp Bizkit version was an original track. I bet that many people have made the same mistake as I had - Limp Bizkit should have possibly given The Who some credit on their album for writing such an inspiring song...
  • Ben from New York, NyMy favorite song ever recorded. Words can't describe how important this song was to my maturation as a human being. This was The Who's best song ever. As for Durst's cover, I prefer not to even acknowledge it's existence.
  • Steve from Wallingford, PaAll the kids at my school (i'm 13) now think this is an original song by Limp Bizkit and are now so awe-stuck that "Fred Durst can write such innocent lyrics!" Whenever I try to tell them it's by The Who, they go "Who?" and I go "The Who. One of the best rock bands ever." and they go "...they can't be better than Limp Bizkit, cause you like all that old crap" "um, excuse me, but that 'old crap' kicks more ass than anything in the past decade." "whatever, loser". Ah, yes, thank you so much fred durst.
  • Paul from Bristol, EnglandIntersting views on the meaning of Behind Blue Eyes; try this for an alternative:

    Townshend was arrested on charges of downloading child porn. He claims the possibility of his own childhood abuse at the hands of his mentally unwell grandmother. Read the lyrics as if they were the words of an abuser. Why is he fated to always telling lies? Why is his love vengeance? Is he paying others back for the pain he had as a child? No accusations here, just observations. When I first heard the song I immediately thought of guilty secrets before I knew anything of Townhends past...
  • Peter from Providence, RiNow I read something about how the song is partly a metaphor for germans post-world war 2.i Know that sounds crazy but it makes sense when you think about it.It kinda says how Germans had to deal with the label of hateful, evil human beings well after 1945.I kind of dont believe it so can someone help me out?
  • Anonymousbehind blue eyes is my life story, and it really p****s me off that limp bizkit was even allowed to do a cover, it was horrible.
  • Cassie from Detroit, Mii don't know how limp bizkit ever got permission to cover the song in the first place... i would rather jump of a cliff then let someone ruin my music like that.
  • Scott Baldwin from Edmonton, Canadai agree with tom!I hate limpbizkit's cover!it should come with a health warning that pples will VOMIT AND WRETCH!when i heard that the limpbizkit covered this i threw up in my mouth.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandLimp Bizkit's version is without a shadow of a doubt THE WORST COVER OF ANY SONG EVER! I mean the whole idea of doing a cover is that you take a song, alter it so that it appeals to your target audience and personalise it so people know that it's you who are performing it. But Fred Durst absolutely butchered this classic; where's the heavy part at the end? And this sounds nothing like Limp Bizkit; Fred Durst's voice is really feeble, completely out of tune and sounds like a cat dying or something!
  • Scott from Bismarck, NdJust one word to describe the cover of this by Limp biszkit (or however you spell it)
    and that word is 'vomit-inducing'(it's hyphenated so it still counts as one word right?
  • Gary from Hamilton, Australiai wonder how fred can go from hotdog flaverd water to behind blue eyes???
  • Kabrams from Dallas, Txkyle, seeing as how you are the only one who happens to like Limp Bizkit's cover (which does suck), you cant call everyone else nuts.
  • Kyle from Georgetown, ScYou all are nuts. The Who did a better job but Fred Durst still did pretty good.
  • Brian from Grand Forks, NdI read that the Blue Eyes was a term for Northern Europeans... They were the ones who held the power... So when he got to telling the story of Jumbo in the Lifehouse project... Blue Eyes fit and made sense...
  • Kelly from Los Angeles, CaAgree with you all. Such an amazing song that has no need to be covered, especially by limp bizkit.
  • David from Gosford, AustraliaIn response to Allison from NJ's bet of 50 bucks - according to the AMG website, in the liner notes they have spelt Pete Townshend's name wrong. Looks like you get the dough.

    Limp's version is just that - limp. It shouldn't have happened. And they even left out the bit of the song that shows the character asking for help - the final rock part, so now the song looks like Fred is asking for sympathy - which he sure as hell isn't getting any from me.
  • Sol from Dallas, TxI totally agree with all the other guys and girls about the whole Limp Bizkit thing. Just can't remake a classic like that
  • Gavin from Albuquerque, NmFred drust truly ruined the song. The who cannot be coverd by a no tallent rap/rock artist, when i heard the song by limp bizket on the radio it ruined my day.
  • Luis from São Paulo, BrazilThis is the best song of the world.I will love "Behind Blues Eyes" forever. Thank you The Who.
  • Andrew from Bowmanville, CanadaSongs this great should only be covered by people
    who could do a half decent job. The Who Rocks!
  • Chris from Victoria, TxComing to no defense of Fred Durst but his version isn't that bad cept the middle part and the end, but of course no one does this song better than the who. Bottom line.
  • Tim from Manassas, Vaamen, conrad.
  • Jerry Haywood from Candor, NcI wonder if Durst had Townshend's permission to add, delete, and change lyrics!
  • Allison from Somewhere, Nj50 bucks says Durst can't even spell Townshend's name. How much more disrespectful can he get?
  • Conrad from Los Angeles, CaDammit, they made a single out of this!!! Dammit now kids are gonna think this is a Bizcuit song. Damn You Durst!!!

    *Raises Clenched Fist To Sky*
  • Allison from Somewhere, NjI agree with dylan.

    Beautiful song, by the way, when done by The Who.
  • Dylan from Abby, CanadaLimp Bizkit did a cover of this song on the 2003 Summer Sanitarium tour as Fred Durst walked all the way around the stadium singing to the crowd as if we should feel sorry for him. Sorry Fred, maybe if you weren't such an ass...
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