I Don't Even Know Myself

Album: Who's Next (1971)


  • Pete Townshend: "I wrote a couple of songs in a period where people were writing extensive analysis of my character and stuff like this. And I thought, 'Well, f--k it. You don't know me. I don't know myself, how can you know me?'"
  • This song was released as the B-side to "Won't Get Fooled Again."
  • Pete Townshend included his original demo on his 1999 solo album Lifehouse Chronicles. >>
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    Fintan - Manchester, England, for all above
  • This song was first recorded at Pete Townshend's own Eel Pie Studio in 1970 and was often played in concert during 1970-1971. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

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  • Tony from UsaPeter was always so flippant about the songs he wrote. Stuff like this comes from the soul, not a reaction to some magazine articles.

    "There's only five who know my real name
    And my mother don't believe they know it
    What she called me is the way I'm staying
    And no one'll ever know it"

    Peter had rough time at home, it's reflected in much of his material if you dig deep enough. Quadrophenia chronicled his time as a teen when all these voices were forming in his head and as close as we will ever get to him. That's all true music is, someone's voice wanting to be heard. I always wonder why Peter always made light of his motivation to write many of his songs. By his own account he was a shy person, perhaps that's why he finds it so hard to admit this stuff comes straight from his gut. A fan since the days of the first pressing of this album. Saw the entire band live once before Keith passed away, many time since.
  • Paul from Cardiff, United Kingdomi would love to know more about this song - one of pete's best - and coupled with WGFA, probably the best single they ever released!
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