Album: The Truth Is... (2011)


  • Much of The Truth Is... was inspired by the divorce that frontman Tyler Connolly went through in 2010, and this song finds him stirring up a storm of emotions arising from the relationship breakdown. "There are a lot of lyrics that came from going through the roughest period of my life," he said regarding the record. "I don't think I've ever been that beat up physically and emotionally. It took me awhile to get better, but as a result, this record is the best work that we've done."
  • Connolly told AntiMusic the story of the song: "'Hurricane' was a chorus idea I had from years ago that I never got around to finishing. On the new record The Truth Is… I started the idea backup. I was having a rough year and wanted to have a song that completely encapsulated how I felt at the time.

    We had fun recording the song putting a stereo panning arpeggio guitar in the intro that gets faster and faster and the "riders on the storm" style sound effects to give the realism. I wanted to make the song as three dimensional as possible and have it be the centerpiece of the record. We later put a massive string arrangement on the song to top it off and Howard (Benson, producer) suggested a orchestral intro before the first verse which was a great idea."
  • Connolly explained the song's meaning to AntiMusic: "The hurricane was a metaphor for the turmoil going on inside and around me. It's never revealed in the end if I myself am the hurricane destroying everything in my life. It's a very deep and emotional song for me, someone who usually sticks to lighter topics like 'Bad Girlfriend' and 'Hate My Life'. I wanted to show the diversity of my lyrics and story telling, and the dynamics of Theory of a Deadman rather than being pigeon holed as a fun party band."


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