Album: A Map of the Floating City (2011)


  • This is a track from Dolby's A Map of the Floating City project, which represents three distinct continents, each with its own musical flavor. In our interview with Thomas Dolby, he said: "'Oceanea' is about returning to my sort of spiritual home and the countryside that I live in, which is where my family were from originally. And just a very deep, warm feeling of homecoming to move back there and set up shop in my lifeboat studio and start writing and recording.

    After living in California for 20-something years, I moved back to the UK, mainly because of the schools. And I found moving back and moving out to the country, where I live on the east coast of England facing the North Sea in a tiny village - I found that move very calming to me creatively. And especially after a few years away, it really made me focus on the inner voice of my music, without any distractions of trying to make music that will get played on the radio or will make a marketing guy happy or anything like that. So all of that was out of the window, really, and I was just making music from the heart."
  • The female vocals were provided by Scottish singer Eddi Reader. Some of you will remember her as the vocalist for acoustic pop band Fairground Attraction, who had a #1 hit in the UK in 1988 with "Perfect."


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