Gateway Love

Album: Life Changes (2017)


  • Several of the songs on Life Changes push the country boundaries with rhythmic, pop-based production. This track, for instance, has a Latin feel to it. Rhett explained it was his time on stage performing for fans that gave him the courage to keep experimenting with his sound.

    "The more I started getting comfortable being me on stage, whether that means dancing or playing a Bruno Mars song in our set, the more it changed the way I wrote songs," he said. "I want to continue making our concerts a fun place for all people, including people who wanna dance to love songs and people who wanna rock to rock songs. I just love having a mixture."
  • Thomas Rhett wrote the song with Sean Douglas, Sam Ellis and Emily Weisband. He discussed the tune during a media listening event. "I was very influenced with - a lot of the pop songs about a year ago were definitely heavily Latin-beat influenced, if you will," he said. "So I wanted to write a song with that Latin bass beat.

    My buddy Sean Douglas said the title 'Gateway Love,' Rhett continued. "I think we got really excited about writing a song like that. It was just really fun to be able to put such a lyric like that over such a Latin beat, if you will."


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