Look What God Gave Her

Album: Center Point Road (2019)
Charted: 32
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  • This uptempo earworm finds Thomas Rhett celebrating his wife Lauren and acknowledging the higher power that helped put her all together.

    Look what God gave her
    How perfect He made her
    She walks in the room
    It's like He answered my prayers

    Rhett said: "My wife is so beautiful, but at the same time she's inwardly beautiful, she's funny, she's kind, she's the best mom I know... and she's hilarious. It's really just about thanking God for the human being He made, and singing it in a fun way."
  • Thomas Rhett first met Lauren Greggory in grade school and they married 2012. She has served as the muse for a number of his songs, including "Die a Happy Man ," "Star of the Show" and "Marry Me". Rhett said that though he has celebrated "how awesome" Lauren is in the past, in his music, he's never really done so before in such an uptempo way.
  • "Look What God Gave Her" was originally written by the singer's father Rhett Akins, Jay Cash, Julian Bunetta and John Ryan about a month before Thomas Rhett ever heard it. He recalled that when Bunetta played their demo for Rhett, he "was just completely hooked and addicted to the melody, what the song said, the beat, the tempo."

    Rhett asked if he could cut the song, but also suggested adding a bridge to it which is how he ended up with a writing credit. The singer also adjusted some of the second verse to make it more personal.

    "It's a song that I've played thousands of times, on my phone and in my car, at the gym, on the bus, literally in every different setting, and it's a song to me that just really just does not get old," the singer added. "I think it's kinda hypnotic in the way that it kinda engulfs your brain and really just makes you want to dance and kinda just puts a smile on your face."
  • The upbeat and bubbly song tips its hat to the pop sounds of boy bands. This is not surprising as Julian Bunetta and John Ryan co-wrote the majority of One Direction's hits.
  • Rhett debuted the song on the March 2, 2019 episode of Saturday Night Live when he was the TV sketch comedy show's musical guest.
  • Thomas Rhett and director TK McKamy's music video for the song features the singer's wife, Lauren Akins, and their daughters Willa Gray and Ada James. However, the singer's little girls weren't originally intended to be in the clip. Rhett explained to People: "They were standing back there, had their little ballerina skirts on and during the middle of a shot, they just ran out there - and we kept the shot."

    Rhett naturally wanted to include Lauren in the visual, but he also wanted to feature other inspirational women. "Rather than hire actors for the video, we connected with the founder of Love One and her family, the women of Thistle Farms and an incredible artist who also did our art for the single cover to come be featured," he said. "Being able to spotlight them and celebrate these strong women along with my wife and daughters was such a special experience."


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