Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)

Album: Last 2 Walk (2008)
Charted: 18
  • This features Project Pat (Juicy J's brother and longtime member of the Hypnotize Minds' hip-hop collective), Three 6 Mafia protégé Young D, and hook singer/co-producer Superpower. DJ Paul explained to HipHopDX that "Superpower is a an up-and-coming producer that we had just met and he produced a track [this song], and then we went back and we co-produced it to give it more of our sound. So we added some keyboards and bass and stuff to it. But he also sung the hook [on this song]. He wrote and sung that hook. Now Young D is one of our artists signed to our label. He's like the hottest rapper in Memphis besides us and Project Pat. So we signed him to the label. He had two hot songs on the radio and so we signed him."
  • Initially the original version of this track sampled the Halloween movie theme song, but it was eventually replaced with a piano loop due to issues clearing that sample.
  • HipHopDX asked why after their previous Soul-sampling singles, the duo had released a more club driven track. DJ Paul replied: "It's the summer time. We go by what time of the year we coming out. Most Unknown came out in September. It's summer time now, so we had to make some s--t to get the girls on the dance floor and let 'em shake they asses."
  • HipHopDX asked Juicy J whether the line "Like Barack Obama said, it's time for a change" meant Three 6 Mafia are officially endorsing Obama for President. He replied: "I saw him on TV and he said, 'it's time for a change,' but I was talking about that it's time for a change, pull over on the road and get in the backseat. I was talking about a gal, ya know?"
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  • Megan from Stevenson, AlThis song.....WOW! Me and my buddies used to sing this all the time!!!! Who knew there could be soooo many lollis?!?! jk jk xD
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