Rubber Band Man
by T.I.

Album: Trap Muzik (2003)
Charted: 30


  • The Spinners The Rubberband Man used the office supply as a bass, and Soulja Boy used them as jewelry, but T.I. wore rubber bands around his wrists to signify how much money he anticipated making - the more rubber bands, the bigger his predicted haul. He was always very organized, and back in his days as a hustler, he would use the rubber bands to wrap his loose bills in neat stacks, usually $1,000 per stack. As his career took off, the rubber bands became symbolic, representing the people still in the drug game. He was often asked about them in interviews. He wrote "Rubber Band Man" as an explanation.
  • This track was produced by David Banner, who had a hit of his own two years later with "Play." Banner went on to produce tracks for Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.
  • T.I. raps "call me trouble man" in this song, and brags about carrying a gun in each hand ("9 in my right, .45 in my other hand"). Unfortunately, he was on probation for 1998 charges of distribution of cocaine, for which he served a year in jail, and he wasn't supposed to have a gun in either hand. The day he finished shooting the video for this song, he found out there was a warrant for his arrest. Police found a gun in his house and called his probation officer, who had T.I. arrested. He served about 9 months in jail, and was arrested on gun charges again in 2007.


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