Nights I Can't Remember, Friends I'll Never Forget

Album: Shock'n Y'all (2003)
  • The idea for this song, about friends who grow up and go their separate ways, was Toby Keith's, says co-writer Scotty Emerick. The idea was hatched on an airplane, and the song was written in a Las Vegas hotel room. The characters are all made-up people who Toby and Scotty created and gave lives to. Scotty says, "I have the FPL line in there - Florida Power and Light," and with a laugh, "We got Waffle House Diner in there. I really wanted that to be in there, that was funny." Waffle House is a popular restaurant chain in the American south. (Check out our interview with Scotty Emerick.)
  • "I had this idea for a long time," says Toby Keith. "Scott and I were talking one night and I said those words - 'I had a lot of nights I can't remember, but I was with friends I'll never forget.' So we were in Vegas for a few nights, working on some songs, and we turned it into a story song about a group of guys in a band who were closer than brothers. It's a good story song." (From Toby Keith's Web site)


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