Album: The Elements (2018)
  • This deeply personal song finds TobyMac processing life as a Christian husband, father and artist. He addresses his firstborn son Truett, who had just turned 20 when TobyMac penned the tune.

    So lift your head, lift your head
    Lift your head to where your help comes from
    Yeah, you, you're not alone
    We've all been there
    Scars come with livin'

    TobyMac told Billboard he "had a few people in mind" when he wrote the song, but he started subconsciously focusing on his son, telling Truett that life can start throwing heavy things at times. "I wanted him to know that he's not alone when the world might get the best of him from time to time," he continued. "When he looks up and he's got some scars, I wanted him to know that we all face those things and that he's not alone in it."
  • Truett McKeehan passed away on October 25, 2019, about a year after the song was released. He was just 21 years old.

    TobyMac paid tribute to his late son as someone who had an "untameable grand personality and dreams to match"; this is similar to the way Truett is portrayed in this song's lyrics.

    Boomin' like a thunder
    Chasin' life with wonder
    With fire that could light a room

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  • Jer from MnNGL Kay's comment upsets me.
  • Sarita from Sarasota Kay from New Mexico-your comment shows 2 things: 1. you do not know Toby personally
    2. You have a critical and judgmental spirit.
    Let me “Speak Truth” from someone who has known him for more than 20 years. His motivation is to bring glory to our Lord and Savior...period. He loves Jesus Christ first and foremost...he loves his family...he cares for those who work with him and he cares for his fans....thought you’d like to know this, Kay.
  • Lin from IndianaAs a Christian still growing in her faith, only 41 years old, but here's what's on the radio which is the free option for music I am grateful for artists like TobyMac. it is said in several websites this is a song written for his son in a few other folks he had in mind. The song is obviously telling the listener that you should turn to God. God is what lifts you up. There's the Christian aspect of the song! it gets old reading posts by people who are coming across as holier-than-thou because the Christian artist isn't Christian enough for them. I'm grateful this song is not about doing meth I'm grateful this song doesn't have the b word in it nor the n-word. I'm grateful this song isn't about physically hurting somebody or having sex with somebody you just met. I don't hear anything in this song that is going against the Christian faith. As a Christian I'm not supposed to judge other people hip. As a human I do it all the time even though I know it's a sin. As do others. The fact is this song is referring to going to God because that's our only way of surviving in this world, by turning to God for our help. I disagree that the song is completely empty and I am not going to judge him by saying this is not led by the holy spirit because that's my opinion, and I don't know how the Holy Spirit works all the time. I also want to point out there's nothing wrong with having lots of money while you live on this planet it's what you do with that money pretty sure TobyMac support some pretty good causes with his money not to mention he is one of the artists that comes around on the cheap shows that go through different towns every year. So you don't necessarily have to pay $60, $80, or $200 to see him perform. I hope if you hear this song and read the lyrics it lift your spirits as much as it does my own.
  • Kay from New MexicoThis song just like many others by Tobymac is completely empty. As a "Christian" singer, his songs should be led by the Holy Spirit and talk about the greatness of God. leave the personal lyrics to the side. There's already too much of that in the secular music. Personally I feel like Tobymac is more interested in fame than to seek the Kingdom of God. Just a quick reminder, earthly things are only temporary.
    God bless!
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