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  • This Tom Petty composition runs to 5 minutes 30 seconds and is Track 5 on the 1999 Echo album. It was also released as a promo single. The same year, Petty explained its genesis in an episode of VH1 Storytellers:

    "We did a lot of songs for this particular album and there was one song that we thought that we might could make a little better if we went back and had one more go at it. And The Heartbreakers are legendary for not really being big on having one more go at things, because we usually do the best thing we're gonna pretty early on in the program, and the rest of the night just turns into drinking and talking. That's pretty much it. Some people actually can do the song over and over and get better and better, but this is not our case.

    And so, at this session, let's just say the session wasn't going great because we were not bettering the song that we'd done. And, I tended to wander off into my own little space in my headphones. While they were playing that song, I wrote another song that was really a lot better, and so I said, "You know, while you guys were playing that, I wrote another song and I think it's a lot better." And it turned out that we did actually like the new song a lot better and I want to play it for you now. And the new song is called 'Swingin'.'"
  • Although on stage Petty played mainly rhythm or accoustic guitar, here he shares the lead with Mike Campbell. He also played harmonica on the album version. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2
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