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  • Contrary to popular belief this song is not about Jesus but merely uses him as analogy. The band has stated in several interviews that this song is about L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. >>
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    Keith - Phoenix, AZ
  • In addition to Jesus, it has also been rumored that this is about Kurt Cobain or Paul D'Amour, the former bass player for Tool.
  • Lead singer Maynard Keenan has said that this is about the tendencies of people to stand on a soap box and sacrifice themselves in some way. He believes you should make your own decisions.

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  • Keith Hickey from Phoenix AzI always thought this song was about Henry Rollins. After the Undertow album I assumed they had a fallout
  • MaynqI always felt that almost the entire album was speaking mostly from or to himself in other periods of his life. Almost as though certain moments in his life caused him to create and sometimes kill certain versions of himself in order to either cope or move on. H. He kills his younger self that is terrified to repeat what was done to him as he welcomes his son. Jimmy is reconnecting with his 11 year old self he split from mentally when he left his sick mother. 46 and 2 evolving from his insecure past stepping out from under his haunting shadow. Pus--t, fighting and killing his inner demons. Stinfist, acknowledging that the rockstar life has desensitized and pleading to himself to step out of the rockstar norm and to actually feel again, for family, to reconnect with his true self again and the pain and discomfort that goes along with it. I know these songs all have multiple meanings and I could be reading far too much into them. Just what I always took from it.
  • Some Guy from Somewhere Out ThereMaynard's father was a preacher. I always thought the song was about him - at least mostly. "He had a lot to say. He had a lot of nothing to say," can easily be seen as how Maynard feels about the proselytizing of his father's sermons. "You told us how you weren't afraid to die," many preachers/Christians in general make this boast - claiming their lack of fear is from knowing where they are going. "Standing above the crowd," is easily a reference to the pulpit/stage from which pastors render their sermons. "He had a voice that was strong and loud," go listen to a Southern Baptist or Evangelical preacher - very few of them need a microphone to be heard in the back rows of a sanctuary.
  • AnonymousThis song is about All of the Above.
  • Millertime496 from CanadaChrist Maynard says to his very good friend Bill Hicks that “Yeah, no way, to recall what it was what that you said to I cared at all”......?? You think this is his eulogy for his respected friend?
  • Christ Hendricks from Huntington Beach CaI personally am shocked at how many self-proclaimed Tool fans are commenting about what they think the song means, and are dead wrong. Out of the first 20 comments, only 3 people were right. The recorded version on Aenima, makes the answer obvious before the song even starts. I'm disappointed in the fans. I personally thought most Tool fans were of a higher intellect than most. This song has only 1 correct answer. It is not a difficult puzzle to solve. The song is a Eulogy for Bill Hicks. His voice is what is heard from the f--king start. Come on guys, don't comment about something that you don't know.
  • Brian from Omaha, Ne UsaThis song is clearly about bacon and sex for breakfast.

    It's also about everybody who is pontificate to their huddled little masses and say without a doubt that they not only know better than you but all those who would say a word otherwise. Politicians, religious and atheist leaders, MRA's and feminists, all with their hands spread wide awaiting the nails of their martyrdom. Standing above a crowd... he had a lot of nothing to say. .. all so eager to identify with someone above a crowd, we are constantly being molded by these useful idiots.
  • M from Glen Allen, VaThis song is about everyone in this forum (including myself now too). This forum is the cross. Everyone here is trying to be a martyr. We are all fools trying to figure this out, but we all have a lot to say. I know we are all eager to identify with it. We are all trying to stand out above the crowd so we can be strong and loud, but we really have a lot of nothing to say. Like I care at all.

    On that note, this was my first and last post. Perhaps I'm stepping out of line here. Don't cry. Don't die for anyone, and please stop crucifying people. We're gonna miss you!
  • Jose from Indio, CaThis song is about Bill Hicks...."standing above the crowd" "He had a voice so strong and loud" look at his comedy specials and you'll see! "So long.
    We wish you well.
    You told us how you weren't afraid to die.
    Well then, so long.
    Don't cry.
    Or feel too down.
    Not all martyrs see divinity.
    But at least you tried." - Bill wasn't afraid to die. And in Eulogy between 4:34 and 4:44 he sings "You could be the one to save me from my own existence " Then from 4:55 to 5:06 he says "I was so sure that I'd sin and you'd pay too" then from 5:22 to 5:38 I'm just glad you knew me enough to allow me to always sit by you....So mad since you stopped giving me all your commands....You weren't too mad when he called....your mind is helpless" Maynard was friends with Bill for a short fact Bill opened for Tool during Lollapalooza 93. Maynard was upset that Bill won't give him anymore advices (commands) because he was gonna die! Bill wasn't mad that he was gonna die, wasn't mad that God and Jesus called him unto eternal heaven.....this song could be about Bill and Jesus. Bill's mothers name is Mary...Jesus' mothers name was Mary....Bill was 32 when he died....Jesus was 32 also. But this song is so angry...maybe Maynard's so mad that Bill had to go...beautiful tribute...a passionate Eulogy, an angry Eulogy....a happy Eulogy....sooo many emotions in this song...."Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"!
  • Tom from, CaAll of you are correct. The song is about Jesus. It is about Cobain. It is about L Ron Hubbard and Hitler. The song is purposely all encompassing.
  • Alec from New Orleans, LaThe song Eulogy was probably written towards L. Ron Hubbard, because frequently in concerts he would dress up like him. He wore the same color suit Hubbard usually wore, and a wig. There are some concert videos on Youtube, if you want to check it out. Search "Eulogy Live"
  • Christoph from Grand Rapids, MiSeeing as this song was written deliberately ambiguously much like a lot of Maynard's music it really isn't about anyone in particular which sort of makes the whole discussion meaningless. You can talk about where you think he drew his inspirations from.
  • Yetti from Tulsa, OkYou're an idiot if you think it's about Bill Hicks. This is a negative song, and Tool loved Hicks. This song is most likely about L Ron Hubbard. Maynard has been quoted saying he didn't like Hubbard. He's been quoted that he loved Hicks. Think about it before you post nonsense.
  • Cody from Omaha, Nethe song eulogy was about Bill Hicks.
  • Caleb Vogel from Van Nuys , CaThis is just maynard being evil. He doesn't even believe that jesus ever existed.
  • Justin Hanson from Lake Saint Louis, MoThis song is excellent for a few reasons.

    1. This song is obviously about someone specific to Maynard.
    2. He writes the song in an elusive way to make the song take on a life of its own. Ie One could listen to it and think its about Jesus.

    I personally feel the song is about Kurt Cobain, Cobain killed himself during the writing process of Aenima. A lot of the lyrical content supports this..I know , this is not an original opinion but if I know Maynard this song is about Cobain. Plus I think Maynard deep down has always been a little pissed off @ the Media attention Nirvana got instead of Tool in the early 90's. Its because Kurt played the Messiah role, when Maynard being more intelligent knew that such pursuits were futile. Maynard was right, Tool packs arena around the world, and Cobain is worm food.
  • Nathan from Anchorage, AkSorry everyone. Maynard was refering to the self proclaimed genius Henry Rollins. Henry was Maynards metal mentor. Rollins Band and TOOL toured together back in the day until Maynard and Henry had a falling out.
  • Seth from Joplin, MoIts about Hitler read your history and you will see. He was actually afraid to die, which is why he built his hidden bunker. He had. A voice that was strong and loud and if you read mein kampf he states he is not afraid to die and he believes he was a god to a point.
  • David from Boston, MaI dont think this is about Jesues,or Hubbard,or Hicks. I think this is an endictment on organized religion, and all its hypocrocies. I feel that Hubbard was the insperation for the song,but the most hypocritical religion on earth is Catholoism,and I should know im irish catholic from Boston. I think maynard shared Hicks views on the subject. Maynard and Hicks obviously have experience with the church. The Jesues refrences are made simply because he is the most polerizing figure in christanity.Hubbard is just a narcosistic prick.When you take the seperate peices and put them all together you come up with a complete disdain for the hypocroy of organized relion and all who represent it,but what do I know im just a recovering junkie who loves good music. - Dave,Boston Ma
  • Brian from Westfield, NyClearly there is contrast with everything we look at. Everything is relative to one another. Hot vs. Cold. Good vs. bad. This song is about how many people who belong to the organized religion "Christianity" and how they might be believing a lie about Jesus. There's 2 different types of Jesus, one that was depicted in the bible as someone being above us in the hierachy of life, then one that was one with us who told us we can do the same thing he did if we look into ourselves then we will find heaven. We can look into ourselves to find the truth. Maynard is clearly spiritual but his awareness is so large that to understand him exactly, you have to grow your own awareness. Everyone's interpretation is the truth. But as your awareness grows your interpretation of the songs Maynard sings will change along with it.
  • Timmy from Mukilteo, Wai think its about people who try desperately to be hero's just to get respect or attention.

    the line, "get off your f--king cross" isnt really talking about jesus, its just an example, or a metaphore.
  • Spencer from Edmond, OkI think it is just about at a eulogy for someone
  • Austin from Smallsville, New EnglandWell Marco, they are against scientology and they have been against organized religion. But I think their message is more or less about discovering your own beliefs. Like the members partake is sacred geometry which could be considered somewhat religion. So they are not against religion just they believe we should open ourselves and think.
  • Matt from Munising, MiI think that it's about Bill Hicks
  • Marko from Novi Sad, YugoslaviaI'd hate do poop the party here... but i still didn't get one thing... is tool supporting or making fun of Ron Hubbard, Jesus etc...? thank you on any answers...
  • Biff from Boston, Mapersonally when i here this song i think of all kinds of people it could be a bout some good some bad here is a list. Christ,Adolf Hitler,Gahndi,Bill Hicks, Jim Morrrison, L. Ron Hubbard, Kurt Cobain, Timothy Leary to name a few
  • Nick from A City, OhPlease note that this song can not be to pay respect to anyone look at the lyrics at the end. If anything this song was about hating someone more then respecting them. And by " Someone " I include People, Places, and things. And responding to Vice from Texas Maynard is not a genius he is just another person who uses his head and hates being referred to as "Genius" or "God".
  • Rob from Atown, Nledit: The quote from Survivor is "The only difference between suicide and martyrdom is press coverage"

    I said *media* coverage in my original post.
  • Rob from Atown, NlI see it as a musical version of the book "Survivor" by Chuck Palahniuk. Survivor is the story about a man who survives a death cult and becomes an ultra-buffed, shaven, steroid-crazed media "messiah". A quote from the book is "The only difference between Suicide and Martyrdom is media coverage".

    Both this song and the book are satires of modern societies tendency to view celebrities as messiahs, and if they were to commit suicide, it would be "martyrdom" simply because it would get a ton more attention compared to if just some regular joe offed himself.
  • Vice from El Paso, TxOk people first of all Tool and A perfect Circle ROCK. They both have songs that i can relate to. Also I agree with maynard about his music, which is listen to it and you make it what makes u feel and think at the moment u are listening to it an not just the lyrics but the sound. ENJOY IT and dont try to figuer out the meaning of it cause the meaning to it is what you feel when you listen to that song. Now what Eulogy makes me feel or think is that it talks about martyrs and how foolish some of them are and how they are the same. And the 2 exsample he give is JESUS and HITLER and this is why im posting my comment. after reading all the comments no one mention hitler. Now Hitler use to stand above the crowd and had a voice that was strong and loud . He would rant and pointed his finger at everything. Jesus was supposeably hunged on a cross. Know remember a martyr is not a person that is liked by everyone but a martyr is a person that u make a martyr. Hey we all talk about maynard been a smart guy that sing aswome music and stuff. Basiclly u are making him ur martyr its not good but its not bad.
  • Matt from Boston, MaIt's generally regarded as being about Hicks. I don't argue with most of the other subjects mentioned here, but I think the Cobain reference is way off. My guess is that MJK used elements of Christ and Hubbard to convey the sense of brilliant arrogance that Hicks possessed. I think MJK both revered and despised Hicks but could never deny the genius of his comedy and commentary. If you've heard any of Hicks' stage act there is no denying his brilliance. When you hear the angry comediens of today, most of them just grabbed the torch from Hicks' failing hand (and most credit Hicks as their inspiration). In Dennis Leary's case he just stole Hicks' act. Think of Dennis Leary as Bill Hicks Lite. Sorry about the long rant.
  • Ava from Po-dunk, Ali was going to make a comment but this one says just about sums it up:

    "This song is not just only about Jesus but mainly about false prophets. He mentions how we the human race need someone or something to believe in so we do it without questoin. This song denounces this mob mentality.
    - Jordan, Lawrence, KS"

    humans are always looking for some external source of comfort - "a hand to hold, a thumb to suck" - and we want to believe that source is some great, perfect, all-knowing entity that has special interest in our lives and wants to show us "the way". but as easily as we build someone up, they can also be torn down and replaced with the next hot thing. it has always been this way.
  • Virgil from Outskirts, LebanonIm afraid most of you are wrong. Eulogy IS infact about Jesus Christ. As we all know, MJK plays many characters in his songs. in Eulogy, he plays the character of a Pharasy, where he says "Standin' above the crowd
    He had a voice that was strong and loud and I swallowed his facade 'cause I'm so eager to identify with someone above the ground, someone who seemed to feel the same, someone prepared to lead the way, with someone who would die for me" then he later changes his tone and says "Will you ... will you now ... will you die for me ... dont you f--king lie" hence it is a mocking tone. thats what the pharacies Saw Jesus as ... a mockery to their religion and beliefs. MJK is singing in Eulogy, what the Pharacies told Jesus Christ. hence at the end "Come down ... get off your f--king Cross ... we need the f--king space, to nail the next fool martyr!". then at the end "To ascend you must die
    You must be crucified for our sins and our lies
    Goodbye". all pointing out to J.C. at the end.
  • Shawn from Massiolion, OhThe son is about MJK favorite Comedian Who had died about a year prior from cancer so he wrote the song about him the comedians name is Bill Hicks.
  • Michael from Clonmel, Irelandthe below comments are very accurate.the song can be taken to be about jesus but it is more likely about Lafyaette ronald Hubbard.bear in mind however that tool are adept at writing doubble meanings and try not to take the song at face value.always look deeper
  • Geeker from Snickers, WiObviously about Manynard adverse childhood!
  • Asdf from Asdf, AlThe following is from the second chapter of the book, "Understanding Scientology" by Margery Wakefield:

    "For his funeral service, Hubbard had written his own eulogy:

    'And so we send into the chain of all enduring time our heritage, our hope, our friend. Goodbye, Ron. Your people thank you for having lived. Earth is a better place for your having lived.... We thank you for coming to us. We do not contest your right to go away. Your debts are paid. This chapter of thy life is shut. Go now, dear Ron, and live once more in happier time and place. Thank you, Ron. And now here lift up your eyes and say to him, Goodbye. Goodbye, our dear, goodbye. We'll miss you, you know.... Come friends. He's all right. And he's gone. We have our work to do and he has his. He will be welcome there. To man.'

  • Ben from Chicago, Ilto me this song is about all of the people around the world who try to sway public opinion by screaming from soap boxes and claiming to be willing martyr's when in reality they are hypocrites who are talk the talk, but don't walk the walk, i hate using cliches to explain tool, but i'm exhausted and just got back from a party.
  • Grant from Manitowoc, WiSome people have said that this song is a reference to jesus, but in actuallity it may have nothing to do with jesus at all. I'm fairly certain that being crucified was a very popular way of tortureing and killing a criminal in ye olde days. But Jesus is still the most popular was just a thought...
  • Alex from Raleigh, NcYo- I thought this song was intended to be a clear shot at Courtney Love for some of her comments and apathy after Kurt Cobain's death. I swear I've had multiple people explain it to me that way.
    And also I'm pretty sure that "He had alot to say. He had alot of nothing to say, we'll miss him" was a direct quote from Courtney Love about Cobain. Maybe i'm wrong, and correct me if i am....
    And if this song is about L. Ron Hubbard, then it fits, cause that dude was a mind(deleted). I mean seriously, Scientology? That's the biggest load of bullsh*t out there
  • Dustin from Waco, Txlol, well one thing for sure its not about bill hicks, him and maynard were close... Duh, what kind of fan are you ^_^... xD
  • Jordan from Lawrence, KsThis song is not just only about Jesus but mainly about false profets. He mentions how we the human race need someone or something to believe in so we do it without questoin. This song denounces this mob mentality.
  • Cel from Philadelphia, PaThis song is about a religious martyr who died for his beliefs. It could be written about either Jesus or L Ron of my favorite song...Tool rocks!
  • Cvas from Ridgefield, CtI think this song may be about several people and not just one. Based on their histories, there appears to be references to Bill Hicks, Paul D'Amour, Jesus, and L. Ron Hubbard. That may be obscure, but maybe it isn't just about one of them. Parts of the song appear to be about different people.
  • Aaron from Hollister, Moim not 100% sure but i get the feeling that this song has to do with giving a eulogy about someone and being courteous because it is the persons funeral but your bouncing between what you say and what you actually think about this person who appears to have been a horrible person with a high opinion of themself. i just get that feeling but the beauty of music is it can be interpreted any way you want it to be.
  • Adam from Wauseon, OhEvery TOOL song has got a good story behind it... Eulogy, Hooker With A Penis are some very good ones...but which stands out more...Hooker With A Penis I believe because the story is told on that...but one really knows but Maynard!!!
  • Peter from Ottawa, CanadaWhile one of the best parts about Tool's lyrics is the incredible variety of meanings that can be gleaned from them by different people - and this song is no exception - it's definitely not about Bill Hicks. While Maynard does compare him to Jesus, he's certainly not doing so in a favourable light with lyrics such as "Come down, get off your f***ing cross. We need the f***ing space to nail the next fool martyr". I'm inclined to agree with the idea that it was inspired by L. Ron Hubbard.
  • Jason from Austin, TxIt was inspired, so to speak, by L. Ron Hubbard. (The Tool performance at the Celebrity center in LA is a funny story to here them tell. It lead to disgustipated.) Anyhoo, I think it is intended to encompass any demogogue.
  • Tijuke from Houston, Tx"Eulogy" could be about anybody. I think it about Bill Hicks but then again he died of natural causes. My opinion is that its may not be about Jesus. Martyrdom is a human characteristic and from the Christian point of view Jesus is God. The disciples, St.Peter, St. Paul could be described as martyrs.

    Serkan, Houston, TX
  • Andrew from Toronto, CanadaBill Hicks for sure. Hicks is a late comedian who's act was driven by truth, shock and provoking thought. Many describe Hicks as wanting to save the world, he was a big believer in God but very very anti-religion (especially Christianty). Hicks had a Jesus complex. One of the best comedians to ever have touched the planet, he was a modern enigma who started questioning government and corporations as early as the 70's; modern left wing comedians and thought have resonanted from his bits. "He had a voice that was strong and loud".."at least you tried." "Standing above the crowd"
    The lyrics loosely parallel Hicks with Jesus.
    Bill died 1994, the album was released 1996.
  • Jess from LiverpoolI wouldn't really know the real meaning of the song, but to brandon who said he hasn't heard Maynard say something good about Jesus, I've heard him say Jesus had "some pretty good ideas".
  • Kevin from New Yorkl, United Statesmany of the songs have helped me cope through hardships of bitterness and sorrow. knowing that i wasnt alone with so many negative feelings and thoughts (in an already ridiculous state of depression) helped me direct my strengths to pull me from which i was already sunk into. i know im not the only one!
  • Kevin from New Yorkl, United Statesonce again TOOL rips it up! can any real TOOL fan honetly say that there is one song that stands out above the rest? The versatile translations of lyrics and unique sounds, is what puts them in their own category of music which cannot be labeled or defined. it seemed to be that every new album had some kind of relation to what was going on in my life and threw my mind at the time of its release. I am positive that REAL TOOL fans have some sort of superiority over the average person because of the perspectives on life that has been added and those that have been removed. Although the thoughts were always there, they needed to be clarified to the mind in a simple understanding. GREATEST THANKS to the band and to us fans who fed them our support and devotion!
  • Nate from Brushton, NyThe lyrics of this song seems to be pointing the finger at the anti-christ when he comes and tries to be Jesus or better but is wasting his time...TooL is an awesome band!!
  • Brad from Gainesville, FlI love that there are so many different ways that one could look at this song. That's one of the reasons I love tool so much. There music is very uniquely written, and is extremely enjoyable to listen to. This is one of my favorite songs on the album. I think it's truly amazing when a band can create a song that's over eight minutes long, but still captivates me throughout the entire song. By the way, I love it when he sings: "Sooooooooooooo Long," and "Nooooooooooo Way." I love the way that Maynard sings those two words with such intensity. Wow, great song.
  • Sunny from Mumbai, Indiai heard this sumwhere that maynard wrote this song about kurt cobain

    dunno how true this is but heard this way
  • Scott from Hampden, MeI believe the song is more metaphorical, and not directly about jesus. Maynard wouldn't make things that obvious, and though it does drop a lot of references to Jesus, i think its about Hubbard.
  • Brandon from Greenville, Ncfor as often as maynard speaks of christ, i have never heard a positive comment, yet, i believe he would not disagree sith jesus in every seems that the issue of god's intolerance rubs mjk the wrong way...on some issues of morality, i fall in line...with the song, if its hubbard, fine, if jesus, fine. is works literally and as a metaphor. but look at the previous metaphorical are they? i think lateralus is mayanards darkest and most life affirming simultaneously!!!HOW? what is said in darkness, if only a whisper, is as loud as a scream in the light...and secrets are always more interesting when suggested than when posted in everyones native tongue!!! look closely at maynard, you will see that he loves to twist the truth...not a liar...but i think he wants you to decide aside from his input...the song is about jesus
  • Norcalchronic from Redding, CaRemember Bill Hicks
  • Jim from Rogers, ArAll of tools songs can be looked at in many different perspectives. you can look at this song is about beeing about jesus, or jim hicks, or even L Ron Hubbard, its the way you look at it, not other ppl that post stuff on these forums.
  • Mike from Anaheim, Caif a martyr is someone that dies for his own belief, then if there ever was a jesus, he was a martyr
  • Nathan from Eagle River, Akmaybe this song was sort of about people that were going to "pull a jesus". because it is telling the person to take themselves off the cross. they aren't jesus. they're time is done. they have been nothing to anyone. get off and let the next fool step up.
  • Paul from Midland, TxJesus wasn't a martyr. a martyr is someone who dies for their belief, Jesus was God, one in the same, Maynard's not an idiot he knows the popular belief and the definition of a martyr. Jesus didn't die for some belief he had, it was a favor from God to us to recieve salvation, Maynard knows this, along with more than most of us know about christianity. so the songs not about Jesus
  • Jake from Miami, FlJorge, the truth is We are all one. Thinking of yourself or ANYONE ELSE has no purpose, because We are one being.
  • John from Sparta, NjOk, here it is, this is what proves this song isnt about Jesus. You are all over looking one part of the song "Not all martyrs see divinity." Jesus was a martyr, yes? Jesus has become divine yes? He is worshiped and reveared, he is divine. End of discussion on the J.C. theory
  • Jorge from Venezuela, South Americaeulogy is not about l'ron or kut or paul or jesus... is about how there are still people who really thinks they can come out and said follow me,, and i will die for you... the sogn it is making fun about those people trying to said Ok jesus get off your cross and let this guy do what he thinks is good for us... the true is he will just died there but HEY HE CLAIM ALL THIS TIME HE WOULD DIE FOR US AND PLUS HE WASN;T AFRAID TO DIE.... really guys we are in a time where all we have left his our self.. so think for yourself and let those little guys so call martyr died for pride... we are on our own!!!!
  • George from Hell, Paand actually Aimee from Auckland, when you said "never confirming nor denying the common theories about their songs" it would be wrong, they both confirmed and denied a common theory about the song, just thought i would point that out
  • George from Hell, Pa...I think it might be about a part of him was a hypocrite, and it was basically like him talking about how he tried but never became what he wanted to a reflection upon himself basically, done by his spirit after dying... all his regrets, his sorrows, and everything he's ever worked for, just gone
  • Jake from Miami, Fl Tool's songs have an inner meaning. The true meaning of this song, is that Organized religions (even if not about Christian) are only formed because humans have a basic need to hold onto somthing greater than them. This is displayed in the verse were it says,
    "....And I
    Swallowed his facade cause I'm so
    Eager to identify with
    Someone above the ground,..."
    Think about it.

    The litteral meaning is oviously about jesus, because you can explain the last verse were it says, "get off your f*ckin' cross, we need the F*ckin' space to nail the next fool martyr"
  • Jason from Virginia Beach, Vathe song is in fact about henry rollins. rollins did guest vocals on the song "bottom" off of the undertow album. they had a major falling out after this.
  • Evan from G-ville, Gaso basiclly the song is about hypocrites
  • Brian from Mayfield Heights, OhI really dont think it's about hicks, because tool liked quite a bit of his work, based "AEnema" on one of his skits called "Arizona Bay", and sampled him on "third Eye". That's him with the "drugs have done good thigns" line.
  • Bryan from Ft. Worth, Txwhy would there be a euolgy for paul when he isnt dead?
  • Chris from Novi, MiNow, you see I think this song is about Bill Hicks. when he says "h had alot of nothin to say" and " everthing but his heart" that has to do with his comedy. He also is mentioned elsewhere in the album, he is the doctor examining maynard in the booklet. and sure enough, he did die due to heart complications. "Standing above of the crowd could also be about his comedy" thats just my opnion
  • Jesse from Maxwell, CaThe song isn't about any particular person, and its definately not about Jesus. The song is about people who claim to really care about something but don't do it. IE the "You said you'd die for me, so why are you surprised to hear your own eulogy?"
  • Glenn from Mildenhall, EnglandIt's about all martyrs, Jesus being the most famous, and therefore, easiest to analogize to. Get off your cross, we need the space to nail the next fool martyr
  • Jack from Bloomington, IlI don't think it is specifically about L Ron Hubbard but reading your post Julene really made me think of something. There are many martyrs in life and probably twice as many false martyrs. People who claim to be like Jesus yet they would never die for their people. Here's my 2 cents about L Ron Hubbard. I don't want to speak for Tool, but Scientology I believe is a "religion" that uses the state of mind in order to control a person. But that is exactly why so many of us are misguided in the first place! A person should never use their mind to lead the way because it is constantly a battlefield of one's own thoughts, other people's persuations, and a barrage of images forced upon us. A person needs to be guided by their heart. Ever since the day of Adam and Eve we as a civilization has been spiraling down through the age of intellectualism, sacrificing our emotions in order to overcome our lives with knowledge. "Mind over Matter" as they say. So many of us have become so strong headed that we've forgotten the very essence of our own being. Remember what the mind does, in order to understand that you can't count on it. It calculates. It analyzes. It feeds on perception. It over compensates. Only the heart knows truly what is happening in this world. The very same world beneath the fog of deception. Let the mind go, and follow your heart. It will guide you to the happiness you seek. The mind is meant to merely project the energy that is created from the heart.
  • Brian from Mayfield Heights, OhThis song isnt about Jesus specifically, or anyone really, it's just a broad "f*ck you" to anyone hypocritical and that would put themselves above everyone else, jsut to martyr themselves... unlike Jesus, who did it to save us. If it were about anyone in particular, it woudl most likely be about Hubbard (where the heck did you guys get Cobain) but it's likely it's a broader message.
  • Julene from Glendale, AzThe song is about Jesus. The song is saying yes Jesus died for us, but so has many other people. It'd kind of saying Jesus wasnt the only Martyr. It also talkes about how Jesus talked about the way he suffered so we should put our faith in him, but yet, so many other people have dont the same. thats wear the line "He had a lot to say. He had a lot of nothing to say!" The song also is a question to Jesus asking him if he saw the way our world turned out then would he have still died for us. Thats were the line "Would you now? would you die for me? don?t you f--king lie!"
  • Brian from Paoli, InI think this song and H. are the 2 best from Aneima.
  • Zac from Drexel, MoThis is one of Tool's most powerful songs. I really don't think it is about one particular person but hypocrites in general. Maynard just wants people to relate his songs with your own personal experiences. And whatever you get out of it is what you get. There is no true meaning to his songs becuz everybody has their own opinions and no ones perception of the song is wrong.
  • Nico from Bay St Lawrence, Canadathe song is about bill hicks. maynard agreed with a lot of hicks' statments and theories, though he found him to be a bit of a hypocrite. there's a picture of him in the aenima sleeve. The songs thrid eye and aenima were based on hick's theories.
  • Aimee from Auckland, New ZealandYeah I also agree that the theory that it's about Paul D'Amour is stupid..
    Also, I've read an interview where they said it was NOT about L Ron Hubbard...
    That's just typical Tool for you though - never confirming nor denying the common theories about their songs... they want us to get out of it whatever we get out of it, which is nice.
  • Craig from Lakewood, MnIt wouldnt be about Paul D'Amour because he was in the band when this song was recorded for the CD Aenima.
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