I Was Made for Loving You
by Tori Kelly (featuring Ed Sheeran)

Album: Unbreakable Smile (2015)


  • Ed Sheeran joins Tori Kelly on this guitar-based song about getting confused feelings at the start of a new relationship.

    A dangerous plan, just this time
    A stranger's hand clutched in mine
    I'll take this chance, so call me blind
    I've been waiting all my life

    Tori is attracted to the guy, but is worried things are moving too fast. Though she believes it is a destined love, she knows nothing about the man. Ed reassures her that he will be gentle with her and won't "scar her young heart."
  • Speaking to the New York City radio station Fresh 102.7 in January 2017, Sheeran admitted that he regrets passing the song onto Tori Kelly and instead wishes he'd kept it for himself.

    "I remember writing that with Tori and saying before, 'Whatever we write, definitely for your album, don't worry about it,'" he said. "[I] remember halfway through being like 'Aghhh, God I wish I was keeping this.' It is a really beautiful song and it's turned out so, so well. But that's one song that I wish I'd kept."


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