The Promise

Album: New Beginning (1995)
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  • This song is about a women who misses her partner and wishes she could be with him again. >>
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    Alice - Bacup, England
  • The title is not mentioned in the lyrics. The song is commonly known as "If You Wait For Me."

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  • Holly NunnI played this song for my mother for her funeral. It comes straight from the heart and every word was to her and always will be. Every word is how my heart felt towards her
  • Maria from New JerseyI feel it could mean when two people part who aren’t married or together as partners, and one of them misses the other. They could also be very fond of one another and perhaps wish they could be closer, perhaps even in a “love” relationship. Sounds like the singer is pining for the other and would like to come together again.
  • Lindsay from Florence, AlThis is my song for my precious dog of 14 years, Lady. I had to have her put to sleep 08-20-2020. I just want her to come for me and I will always hold a place for her in my heart.
  • Rn from Night TourI like to think of it as your true self ( what W. Dyer calls your sacred self) calling to your finite self. What Bob Marley referred, to as the I in I, that larger part of you, the eternal presence in you, the God in you, sing to you ( and me) with great admiration and appreciation and love, seeing with the Christ consciousness that see's perfection placed in you and me from creation, and sing its love song
  • John from San DiegoI feel this song could be from a son or daughter...who has lost their mother...or an adopted child wishing these lyrics to their birth heaven.
  • Ren from UsaThe song is about a mother who has aborted her child because she wasn't ready to see her yet. It takes a sample from a Paganini (classical violin) piece.
  • Ciara from Belfast, IrelandThis song is about someone special to her that she loves and cant be with them at the moment but shes telling them if you wait for me I will come soo maybe its long distance and she just want to be with them and she will wait for how long it takes her to get there and also telling them always keep a place for me in ur heart.
  • Willow from Charleston, WvActually, there is a line that says... "If you can make the promise, if it's one that you can keep.. I vow to come for you, if you wait for me."
    So the title is mentioned in the song.

    As for OG in LA - Why do straights always act like jerks?
  • Chryssie from Brisbane, AustraliaI could be way off, but when I listen to the lyrics it sounds to me like she's singing to her mother...

    for example "In a place that's warm and dark
    In a place where I can feel the beating of your heart" would suggest to me in utero.

    I guess the only way we would ever find out is if Tracy herself said who it was intended for... :)
  • Og from Los Angeles, CaThis song is about a woman singing to her man. Why do gays always wanna see songs their way?
  • Mel from Random, PaThe woman misses her partner and wishes she could be with him or her again. (Because a: the lyrics are gender neutral and b: Tracy Chapman wrote the song.)
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