Land Of My Fathers

Album: Welsh Melodies (1858)


  • "Land Of My Fathers" is the English translation of the Welsh National Anthem "Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau" which was written in 1856 by the father and son team of Evan James (1809-78) and James James (1832-1902). The Welsh version is generally preferred, but the song's powerful imagery translates well, making it one of the best known, and some would say best, national anthems in the world, even though similar sentiments can be found in many other national anthems.
  • According to the 9th Edition of National Anthems Of The World, this song, which is written in 3/4 time, was "First sung at the famous Llangollen Eisteddfod of 1858, and now regarded as having the status of a National Anthem. It is also sung as an anthem in Britanny, to a Breton version by J. Taldir." The version included in this book has English versification by W.S. Gwynn Williams and is arranged by him and W.L. Reed (co-editor of the book) "by permission of the Gwyn Publishing Co", copyright 1950. >>
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  • Wayne from CardiffThe song was first sung in public in welsh in Capel Talbot in Maesteg in 1856.
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