Album: Rodeo (2015)
Charted: 16
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  • The song was first heard live during Scott's performance at the Texas JMBLYA concert on June 21, 2015. The Eastbound and WondaGurl produced track appeared on his SoundCloud a few days later. "This is for the real fans; the real ragers! This is some vibes for the summer," he said. "This isn't on Rodeo."

    Such was the song's popularity however, it was eventually included as the ninth track on the album.
  • The trippy track finds Scott rapping about popping pills and basking in the marijuana smoke undisturbed. "Don't you open up that window, don't you let out that antidote," he warns us.
  • Scott is known for fighting with fans, inciting crowd riots and kicking a photographer offstage. But as he says in the bridge, "anything can happen at the night show."
  • Travis Scott was forced to give up 50 percent of the song's composer share to Lee Fields, as it extensively borrows from his 2014 track "All I Need." The larger-than-normal share (typically sampled artists earn around 15 percent) was because when the rapper released the song on SoundCloud he didn't get permission to clear the sample first.

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