Album: Astroworld (2017)
Charted: 15 8


  • Here, Travis Scott describes an experience while under the influence of psychedelics and lean, which is giving him stellar lucid dreams.

    Rollin', rollin', rollin', got me stargazin'
    Sippin' on purp, feelin' like the Barre Baby
    Whenever I'm down, it got me goin' crazy
    Psychedelics got me goin' crazy

    The second line is a reference to legendary Houston, Texas rapper Big Moe's 2000 track "Barre Baby" off his City of Syrup album. It is one of many tributes to artists from Travis Scott's place of birth that are scattered throughout Astroworld.
  • The song was first previewed by Scott on his Snapchat on April 13, 2018, It later soundtracked Astroworld's trailer over scenes of Travis Scott navigating a post-apocalyptic landscape with outer space elements. According to the press release the song: "Offers a sci-fi trap soundtrack as our hero braves a lonely and snowy planet to deliver these game-changing and groundbreaking transmissions to the masses."
  • The album title is referenced during the song.

    '99, take AstroWorld, it had to relocate
    Told the dogs I'd bring it back, it was a seal of faith

    Six Flags Astroworld was very much a highlight of the city, during Travis Scott's childhood in Houston, but the park was demolished in 2005. "They tore down AstroWorld to build more apartment space," he recalled in a GQ interview about the album. "That's what it's going to sound like, like taking an amusement park away from kids. We want it back. We want the building back. That's why I'm doing it. It took the fun out of the city."


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