Album: The Good Life (2012)


  • "iLove" shares many of the themes that frequently appear in Trip Lee songs, including inspiring lyrics, a strong social consciousness, and an optimistic message presented through religious imagery. It's a song with a message that presents itself through strongly produced Hip-Hop.
  • The song uses a clever metaphor to criticize our technology soaked culture, presenting Lee's iPhone as his girlfried ("My girlfriend's name starts with an 'i'"). The rest of the song explores Lee's relationship with his phone, ultimately concluding that most of the time spent on it is shallow, meaningless attempts to fill the empty moments in the day. The song invokes listeners to seek out a more meaningful existence than this and not give into the siren call of supersaturating their existence with technology.
  • The song released on 2012's The Good Life. The album received strong reviews, with critics praising the album's return to a more traditional rap sound while successfully integrating a wider variety of guest musicians.
  • Lee wanted The Good Life to function as a sort of call-to-arms to people sleepwalking through life. Speaking to Challies, the rapper said, "I want the listener to think deeply about the kind of life they desire to live. We're fed so many lies about what "the good life" is and I set out to challenge those lies on this album".


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