Sadness Will Sear

Album: The Crusade (2006)


  • This song was written about Matthew Shepard, a gay college student. On Oct 7th, 1998 he was at a bar and befriended Russel Henderson and Aaron McKiney (the wolves). He asked them for a ride home, but they took him out into a remote area, tied him to a fence, robbed and severely beat him. Shepard was later found by a bicyclist, who at first mistook him for a scarecrow; Shepard was in a coma. Matthew Shepard lay in a hospital bed on life support until he died at 12:53 am on Oct 12, 1998. >>
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  • In 2008 the Dutch band, a balladeer, recorded "Poster Child," which also tells Matthew Shepard's tragic story.

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  • Justin from Kalamazoo, MiThats one of the reasons I love Trivium so much. Heafy has at least 3 different voices, scream, hard, and melody. He kills all of them. My favorites are the songs where he uses all 3 of them.
  • Mike from Denver, CoYou don't need to scream to make metal music. i love screaming vocals, but singing is not one bit worse or better. btw this song is depressing :( who could just do that like it means nothing?
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaSad song meanng. I've heard that the song refered to that story of Matthew Shepard. Although I read it off Wikipedia, and I'm a bit curious of that website sometimes. I might admit, some of their information is fairly accurate, but others aren't and it's easy to tell. For them, i guess it's just a matter of if they can't find as much information, they just make their own stuff up. I don't know, I could be wrong. But its obvious when you check out the "Highest-Selling Artists" Web page on Wikipedia. I don't think they can track the information, of each artist, and update their information if need be. Heck, they even have pop-ups that'll tell you that "this website needs updating" and so on.

    Anyway, back to the main topic, sadness will sear is awesome, I love that low and aggresive chorus riff and the freaky vocal tones Matt Heafy sings throughout the verses. Frankly, i don't care if "The Crusade" didn't have as much screaming. I mean, in regards to the fan's response to the crusade, i guess it goes to show how much of an important factor screaming is in nowaday's metal. Not that I hate the screaming style. :)
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