Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis

Album: Shogun (2008)
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  • This could be telling the Greek myth of the sea creatures "Scylla" and "Charybdis" in which Charybdis layed on a narrow channel of water, and on the other side was Scylla. It is told that the distance between both sea monsters were an arrows length of each other and sailors trying to avoid Scylla would get too close to Charybdis and vice versa. Charybdis swallows large quantities of water three times a day before belching them back out causing whirlpools. Scylla has six long necks with heads, each head with three rows of sharp teeth and it's body has 12 canine legs and a cat's tail. From the song title, it means to a state when one meets two dangers and moving away from one will bring you closer to the other. The second verse talks of encountering Charybdis ("Walls of carnage surround your weakness," "Crash down like oceans, wait for the light", etc.) and the third verse talks of Scylla ("Life's a battle, perpetual crusade," "One against all, tim to wield the blade", etc.). >>
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    Nick - Cairns, Australia
  • Scylla And Charybdis show up in the Police song "Wrapped Around Your Finger" with the line: "Caught between Scylla and Charibdes."

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  • Nick from Cairns, Australiai'm guessin your've been playin the song a lot to say that it never gets old. I'll admit its worth playing again and again simply cause its one of the best on the album
  • Matt from Darwin, AustraliaGreat song never gets old hahahaha never WILL
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