Momma and Jesus

Album: Fight Like Hell (2016)


  • Tucker Beathard penned this bad boy anthem with Deric Ruttan and Jonathan Singleton. The song's lyrics tell the story of a lifetime spent breaking rules. Beathard acknowledges he needs to change his ways, and he will... right after he "burns this last one down."
  • The song's narrative was largely inspired by the worry Tucker gave to his real-life momma and he confesses guilt for what his rebellious ways put her through. He goes on to express his gratitude for her (and Jesus') grace.

    "In a lot of ways, I was a typical teenager, getting into trouble and doing things I shouldn't, and I definitely pushed things a little too far a time or two," said Beathard. "My mom raised and is still raising five kids, and it takes a strong woman to steer us all in the right direction."

    "I have so much respect for the job she's done," he added. "I know at some point she probably wanted to ship me off to military school or something, but she stuck with me!"
  • The song's raucous video finds Beathard and his buddies wreaking havoc around Nashville. Directed by Wes Edwards it's full of high jinks and crazy shenanigans.

    "As one of five siblings, if you asked my mom who she most worried about getting into trouble, I'm going to guess it was probably me," admitted Beathard. "I grew up as a huge fan of shows like [MTV's] Jackass and Ridiculousness, where they did crazy stunts like this, and so the video shoot was an excuse to have fun and do stupid stuff."

    At times things came close to getting out of hand, to the extent that the hired stuntman walked off the set mid-shoot. Beathard recalled: "When the stunt coordinator quit and walked off the set that afternoon, I remember the head of my label, Scott Borchetta, called and said, 'I'm fine with you doing this, but please just don't kill yourself.'"


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