Album: Free (2011)
Charted: 99
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  • This is the title track of the second album by the Scottish Alternative Rock band Twin Atlantic. A remix of the song was used for the closing of the Discovery Channel's coverage of Felix Baumgartner's world record skydive from 24 miles above the Earth. Kerrang! asked Twin Atlantic vocalist Sam McTrusty how this tune ended up being chosen? He replied: "We and another band had been put forward for what we thought was a big advert afterwards. The other band are f---ing massive, and I think we were put in because we're signed to Red Bull and they sponsored the jump. We were making up the numbers, basically. But Felix picked our song because he said the words connected with him. We didn't even know he had chosen it, though. Ross (McNae, TA bassist) texted me when Felix was doing the jump and said, 'Do you think they'll play it now?' I replied: 'No way, you're an idiot!' So I was just as surprised as anyone else when it came on."
  • McTrusty explained how Baumgartner's remix came about. He said: "Felix chose the words he liked, and then they remixed it with those bits in there. I was fairly up for it. Normally, if someone told me they were remixing a song and they were taking my words out, I'd have told them to f--k off. But this was pretty cool."


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