Two Door Cinema Club

Alex TrimbleVocals, guitar, synths
Sam HallidayVocals, guitar
Kevin BairdVocals, bass
  • Two Door Cinema Club are named after a movie theatre in their hometown of Bangor, Northern Ireland. Since the trio are huge film fans, singer Sam Halliday suggested naming the band after the nearby Tudor Cinema. In his pitch, however, Halliday misspoke and said "Two-door" instead of "Tudor." The name stuck because the members agreed "Two-door" sounded better.
  • Two Door Cinema Club are huge fans of the Xbox game Call of Duty. On the road, the band also watches movies and TV shows to pass the time. After watching The Deer Hunter, however, singer Sam Halliday was disappointed, saying "it was not as good as I thought it would be."
  • The members of Two Door Cinema Club enjoy remixing music as much as they enjoy making their own. They've remixed Phoenix Chew Lips, Lady Gaga, Young The Giant, and more and say they'd love to hear their music remixed by Daft Punk, St. Pauli, and Chromeo, to name a few.
  • While touring in Austin, Texas, Kevin got a tattoo of the cat's eyes from the cover of the band's album Tourist History. The band also ate some authentic Texas barbecue and bought an old American guitar from a pawn shop.
  • While they were recording their debut album Tourist History in London, Two Door Cinema Club already had greatness in their midst. Duran Duran was also recording new material in the studio adjacent to them.
  • The members of Two Door Cinema Club are huge fans of Canadian indie rock, including bands like Broken Social Scene and Stars. They also listen to everything from Stevie Wonder to John Denver to Kylie Minogue.
  • In 2010, rapper Kanye West blogged about how much he enjoyed Two Door Cinema Club. He even posted the band's video for "I Can't Talk" on his website.


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