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Album: Tourist History (2011)
Charted: 64
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  • This is the fifth single from Northern Ireland Alternative Rock group Two Door Cinema Club's debut album. Singer/guitarist Alex Trimble explained the song's meaning to Spinner: "The song was written about touring... the lifestyle that we lead and the people that we left behind, through the fragility of our business that we're in. It's so fickle and you don't know where you're going to be in a few years time, but yet you're giving up so much to be in this position."
  • The video was by Lope Serrano of the Spanish Production Company CANADA and features the band, some lovely ladies, dancers dancing in time to the song's rhythm and a bathtub. Trimble explained to Spinner that as the "song is pretty heavy, a light-hearted video seemed more appropriate." He continued: "We had seen these directors, CANADA, that directed a few videos for El Guincho and Scissor Sisters and we loved their style and what they were doing. So we got in touch and they came up with this concept. They always have this vintage style that they shot with so we told them that we wanted girls and dancers in the video. That's pretty much all we said to them. Very, very pleased with the outcome."
  • Trimble wanted this song to be the first single, but the band's record label refused, saying it wasn't good enough. He told NME: "Every time we came around to releasing a single, I wanted it to be that song and eventually I got my way - and it ended up being our biggest single, so I feel kind of smug." (It was actually their second biggest single at that point: their debut song, "Something Good Can Work," peaked at #56 on the UK Charts, while this climbed to #64.)
  • Bassist Kevin Baird recalled: "I think I remember playing it to our publishing company for the first time, and
    I think they cried when they heard it or something, I seem to remember. And it had the most terrible name; I think it was originally called 'Lip Nip' or something - something terrible that was nothing to do with the song, and we finally renamed it and reworked it, and it turned out pretty good, I think."
  • The song has featured in several commercials, including the 2012 Microsoft Outlook online advertising campaign and the Indonesian Telkomsel Loop TV ads.


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