A Day Without Me
by U2


  • Suicide and mental illness are the main themes of this song. Bono wrote the lyrics after hearing news that Ian Curtis had killed himself - the Joy Division lead singer died on May 17, 1980 at age 24. Bono also had a good friend who was institutionalized; he is the subject of the Boy track "The Electric Co.."
  • This was the first song Steve Lillywhite produced for U2. After the group signed with Island Records, the label had Lillywhite helm the track to see if he was compatible with the band. He was - Lillywhite ended up producing their first three albums, setting them on course for superstardom.
  • This was released as a single two months before appearing on Boy. It's one of U2's earliest songs.
  • The Edge ran his guitar through a cheap echo unit he bought, giving us an early listen to the sound he would refine into his distinctive tone.

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  • Squid from Los Angeles, CaIt was said that Bono later dedicated it to good friend Mike Hutchins (INXS), and his wife after both deaths. And it is still questioned if Michael's death ws a suicide or mnasterbation gone ary
  • Laura from Bham, United Kingdomawesome song... sad but happy at the same time.

    u2 r the gods!!!
  • Michael from New York City, NyThe singer Ian Curtis, who did kill himself in 1980, is thought to be the inspiration for the song. Curtis was lead singer/lyricist of Joy Division, which later became New Order after his death.
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