Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
by U2

Album: Batman Forever Soundtrack (1995)
Charted: 2 16
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  • U2 wrote this for the 1995 movie Batman Forever, a gig they accepted because it didn't require too much of their time and effort, plus, they could have fun with it. They put the song together from an outtake from the Zooropa sessions.
  • The song was both loved and hated: It was nominated for both a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and a Razzie Award for Worst Original Song. It lost both. Commercially, it was very successful, going to #1 in Ireland and #2 in the UK.
  • The title is an extension of the phrase "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me," the name of a hit song by Mel Carter in 1965.
  • This was the first single from the Batman Forever soundtrack, which sold over 2 million copies in America thanks in large part to the next single, "Kiss From A Rose" by Seal. Unlike "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me," Seal's song was not written specifically for the film: He released it a year earlier, but it didn't climb to #1 in America until after it was used in the movie. Both songs play under the end credits of the film.
  • The song doesn't make any specific references to Batman Forever, but there are plenty of lines that could apply if you are loose with your interpretations:

    You don't know how you got here
    You just know you want out

    They want you to be Jesus
    Now go down on one knee

    The moody, insistent track and abstract lyrics are a good fit for the Dark Knight.
  • The video combines footage from the film with animation showing U2's avatars in Gotham City. Bono appears at times in the guises of his characters MacPhisto and The Fly. It was directed by Kevin Godley and Maurice Linnane, both of whom started working with the band in the early '90s and contributed to the Zoo TV tour. The animation was done by a team at Manga Studios.
  • This was the only song U2 recorded in 1995, a year they were on hiatus.
  • On the cover of Zooropa, purple letters spell out ISSMEKILLM. It is a reference to this track, which was not finished yet.
  • This was the second U2 song written for a movie. The first was "Stay (Faraway So Close)" for the 1993 Wim Wenders film of the same name.

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  • Davr from CanadaIt is generally believed that Jesus died at age 33 so I feel the lyric is reflecting that fact and the warns of the dangers of superstardom as it unfolds in front of Bono. Sadly prophetic....Elvis, Whitney,George Michael,Lennon, Michael Jackson , etc. etc
  • Nick from La Paz, BoliviaNominated to a Razzie Award? Really? What's wrong with people!?!? This is one of the best song of the 90's. It's dark, sexy, meaningful and beyond awesome!
  • Chris from South Surrey, BcI remember this song being profoundly important to my emotional/spiritual development. It it came out in 1995, I would have been around sixteen. Formative period right.
  • Pepper from Athens, TnThis song--especially the raunchy noise parts and the beginning--reminds me of T.Rex, really. It's cool, for a U2 song.
  • John from Salisbury, NcIt just suddenly dawned on me that this awesome song is totally autobiographical on Bono. Bono at his ironic best telling you about all the raunchiness, hypocrisy, and absurdity of superstardom. Its a running theme of theirs from Achtung Baby on. In fact I think its the "warning" (achtung in German) that 'Baby is really about.
  • Jose from Guadalajara, MexicoAccording to the tradition, Jesus died at the age of 33.

    At the last part of the video, it's seen Macphisto changing to Batman, and changing to Macphisto. A kind of irony about good and evil.
  • Mark from Austin, TxFirst off, I love this song. One of the best from this era of U2. But it sounds just like T. Rex's "Children Of The Revolution." I know T. Rex were a big influence on Bono at the time. (And he covered the song in Moulin Rouge.)
    Also, Stanley Kubrick's Killer's Kiss was originally called Kiss Me, Kill Me. Hmmmm....
  • Acrobat from Adelaide, AustraliaThe end of this song is kinda raunchy..
  • Chris from Leeds, EnglandIn a book called Stay released by the band in the early 90's, Bono commented that this track had been written after the Zooropa sessions in 93. He said in it that the song is actually about rock stardom. And the line "they want you to play Jesus they'll go down on one knee, but they'll want their money back if your alive by 33" was a direct reference to himself. Being the age he was when he wrote it.
  • May from Buenos Aires, Argentinawhat does the ?one say at the beginning of the video??? before the song starts. I speak spanish and i don't get it.
  • Tania from Cairns, AustraliaMost of the U2 songs are all have a meaning
    thats what i love about U2 song their awsome!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lefty_2ndbaseman from Chicago, IlAngela, I believe the artist you were referring to would be the great Mel Carter. His track "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" went to #8 on Billboard in 1965. Very good oldie...or dare I say, "Oldie but Goodie?"
  • Jeff from Atlanta, GaThis is what I heard, this was about 10 years ago when batman forever first came out. Bono actually tried out for a part in Batman Forever. I think he tried out for either the riddler or bruce wayne. but was turned down. Then he went and wrote this song and asked if they would put it on the soundtrack. After the music producer for the album listened to it once, and only once, they said YES! Because they really liked it. In fact, they said they've heard of U2's music before and they'd never heard U2 perform ANY song like this, and were impressed by their work.
  • Eric from Vancouver, CanadaThis song (and the Batman soundtrack) was actually released in 1995
  • Angela from Hagerstown, Mdfound it. Harry Noble in 1952.
  • Angela from Hagerstown, Mdthere was also an old R&B song called "hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" but i can't remember who it's by.
  • Gaffer from Dublin, IrelandAs usual with U2, there are underlying religoius themes with this song. The lyric "you dont have to deny love" is a reference to St Peters denial,"you dont know how you got here, you just know you want out", and even the title; "Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me" captures jesus last hours before his betrayal beautifully. Yet another wonderfully crafted song by Bono and the Egde.
  • Raechel from London, EnglandI don't know why, but I feel this is a very sexy song. Nice...I love this song. U2 is amazing!
  • Daniel from BrasÃ?lia, BrazilThe last cut on the song's video was made only six hours before its first presentation on MTV. Amazing!
  • Brett from Anchorage, Akthis is a killer song. it should have gone on an album and not a soundtrack.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesThe title of the song was a parody of Gloria Estafan's love theme from the film "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me". It was the first of two major hit singles from the Batman Forever OST - the other being Seal's "Kiss From A Rose".
  • Erik from Davis, Ca"Weird Al" Yankovic did a parody of this called "Cavity Search" on his "Bad Hair Day" album.
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