Out Of Control
by U2


  • Bono told the Irish magazine Hot Press, October 1979: "'Out Of Control' is about waking up on your 18th birthday and realizing that you're 18 years old and that the two most important decisions in your life have nothing to do with you - being born and dying." >>
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  • This was included on U2's first release, U23, a single available only in Ireland in 1979 which also contained "Stories For Boys" and "Boy Girl." Only 1000 copies were pressed, making it a rare collector's item today.
  • This was chosen as the A-side of the single when an Irish disk jockey named Dave Fanning asked listeners to choose among the three songs on U23.
  • Along with "Stories For Boys," this was one of two songs to make it on to U2's first album, Boy, from U23, which was released only in Ireland. The version on Boy was reworked by producer Steve Lillywhite.

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  • Jose from Guadalajara, MexicoIn that concert at Slane Castle, Bono introduces the members of the band and the place where they're from, except Edge, about whom says "I don't know where we've got him".

    He thanks his father and the others who gave them the 500 pounds, and adds, to the fans: "and by now you already gave us 500 pounds, so thank you".
  • Allan from Calgary, CanadaIt was called U2: 3 or Three because it was their third demo, and contained three songs.
  • Lp from New York, NyThe "U23" single they write of is incorrect. It was just a single called "Three" (not U23, not 3.)
  • Marius from Lüneburg, GermanyAt their concert at Slane Castle in 2001, Bono tells about asking his father for 500 pounts to sell a record deal, in the middle of this song.
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