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Album: How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (2004)
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  • The title of this song means "God." When you individually translate the letters to Hebrew letters, it spells out God's name as it appears in the Bible. >>
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    Teddy - Brooklyn, NY
  • Bono (from Q Magazine November 2004): "I had the idea that no one can own Jerusalem, but everybody wants to put flags on it. The title's an ancient name that's not meant to be spoken. I got around it by singing it. I hope I don't offend anyone."

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  • Theresa1 from U.s.I have been writing about this issue of U2's "Yahweh" song - and what has been mass-media-ed along with - since 2004. For support of U2's intensely blasphemous "U2 Yahweh" videos - and performances wherein these same idol images were used as U2's stage backdrop, etc., many U2 fans did fall into heavy-duty blasphemy of God - whose name IS Jehovah/Yahweh (and other naturalizations of the Tetragrammaton). Their weaknesses were their various anti-scriptural, FALSE religious backgrounds and self-desire-serving popular and other philosophies - and, usually, as demonstrated by many, at least a tad of IDOLATRY of Bono/this band. Yet, Armageddon Day from Jehovah/Yahweh is SOON - and only those calling upon His holy name, "with spirit and truth", are going to make it. (Joel 2:32; Romans 10:13; John 4:24) The U2 false base is dominated by those of false (counterfeit) and anti-scriptural "Christianity" - and many FALSE preachers have attached themselves to the U2 bandwagon, to promote their false religions, book sales, sold sermons, fame, etc. Yahweh/Jehovah and His Son Jesus Christ (whom these false religionists, idolaters, and false religious leaders have also blasphemed) are NOT pleased. Jehovah/Yahweh's HOLY name does NOT belong to U2 or idolatrous and false religious U2 fans to publicly desecrate, disrespect, etc. I have been banned 16 times, since 2004, for writing scriptural TRUTH about Jehovah/Yahweh, His HOLY name, and his scriptural standards. As prophesied, FALSE Christians - without scriptural faith or scriptural truth, but instead a marked HATRED for Jah's own scriptural standards, took the lead. Here is a starter page from that blog.
  • Juanpa from Quito, Equatorial GuineaI like that last, however, in hebrew Yahweh is the name of God, every Jew know it even if you don't like it or don't believe it. That means "the one who Is" and i mean "Is"; is the more literal possible way I can translate it to english (I used to study this stuff on university). Anyway, the main idea I see in the case of Bono, as a love song in his old fashoned way dedicated to God. Cool huh?
  • Andre from Staten Island, Nyplease consider wen reading the bible the meaning is more important than the name .so to say jehovah dosent exsist then the name jesus dosent ether.
    because it is simple not his true name. in fact almost no bible caricters are prononced right. so god must want us to focus more on meaning than pronucing corect .as well as the imperfect state that the bible speaks of us being in shows we may never know the true pronunceation. but god in the bible say he has a name. jesus saying this wen telling us how to pray(father up in heaven may your name be sanctified/cleaned as satan has slandered it)so with out the name we miss alot of the bible meaning....so prononcing cant be important because with on names we cant peice to gether scripture the way its intended with out them. but saying jehovah or yaweh or yahawah is right because it refrences lost truth period..who did the rabbis think they were to mislead us that we shoudnt say his name .THAY DIDNT RIGHT THE BIBLE....its just as much my book as theres.....love the true god every body!
  • Marissa from Is This Optional?, Ohthe point here is not what Yahweh or Jehovah or YHWH means, but the fact that there is such a moving and spiritual song on an album by a band that's not technically a "Christian" band.
  • Ian from Beaver Falls, PaActually, we don't know what the name YHWH means. Not knowing the correct pronunciation makes it near impossible to properly translate the word. "He causes to become" is one of our best guesses, along with "I am that I am". What we do know is that YHWH, however it is pronounced, is God's proper name, His first name, if you will. It is the name that He uses when initiating His covenant with Moses. Interestingly, the word, or pronunciation, "Jehovah" is the product of a translational error. In all actuality, the word doesn't exist. Being that the original Hebrew was void of vowel markers, as the texts were copied and passed down it became a rabbinic tradition to mark the consonants YHWH with the vowel pointings of the word for "master", Adonai. When coming to the name of God in the reading of the scriptures, the rabbis would pronounce it "Adonai" as speaking God's proper name was strictly forbidden, but recognized it as God's covenantal, proper name. As the texts were later found and translated by non-rabbinic sources, they came across the rabbinic "code" of YWHW marked with the vowel pointings of "adonai" and transliterated it as "Jehovah". The rabbis laughed. The word was the name of God, spoken as "Adonai", and the Hebrew language has never contained such a word as "Jehovah". All that being said, I love this song. It is a modern day psalm.
  • Ushetra from San Diego, CaExactly, you study the BIBLE.
  • Timothy from Fort Wayne, InI have study the bible for 15 yars and all the info that is out there dose suport that YHWH is translated to Jehovah Or Yahweh
  • Ushetra from San Diego, CaYahweh or Jehovah are mistranslations of YHVH also know as the tetragrammaton which is not supposed to be spoken out loud and consequently, its pronunciation has been lost. Yahweh or Jehovah are both attempts to insert vowels into YHVH.
  • D.g. from Bellevue, WaThe lyrics can be viewed as a rewriting of the Christian hymn "Take My Life and Let It Be" by Frances Havergal and Henry Malan. You can find the words to the hymn here:
  • AnonymousJehova significa "El hace que llegue a ser", me gustaria saber que mensaje se quizo entregar con la cancion?
  • Angelo from CopenhagenThe meaning of God's name Yahweh is "He Causes to Become". In other words it means Purposer or the "One who keeps the promises".
  • Angelo from CopenhagenYHWH are the letters in original Hebrew. As the Hebrew language at that time was written with only consonants, the sound of God's name might be as the word Yahweh or Jehovah. Anyway, from a historic and linguistic point of view is Jehovah accepted in most of the modern languages around the world.
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