Blind The Wind


  • "Blind The Wind" is the unofficial title of a song better known as "The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet." Thousands of people have invested countless hours delving into the song's origins, but no one has figured out who wrote or recorded it. The song exists in an ironic state where its initial indistinctness had led directly to its postmortem notoriety.

    What we know for certain is that Norddeutscher Rundfunk, a German radio station, broadcast the song in the early 1980s. It was part of a program titled Music for Young People (Musik für junge Leute). A person going by the pseudonym "Darius S." taped that broadcast, capturing "Blind The Wind" along with many other songs. He was a teenager living in the northern German town Wilhemshaven.

    Darius held on to that tape as part of his collection for a long time. He never figured out who recorded "Blind The Wind," and the song might have died in a packing box if not for Darius' sister deciding to bring it to the internet in 2007. She has also chosen to remain anonymous (a fact that has caused some to doubt the legitimacy of the whole story), initially going by "Anton" before settling on "Lydia H."

    Lydia's internet work set off a viral search that by 2019 reached as high as Rolling Stone magazine. Eventually, both the mainstream media and independent researchers from around the world got on the case.

    After much sleuthing, the pop-culture detectives determined that the year Darius recorded the song was most likely 1984. Even this simple bit is uncertain, but the Technics tape deck he recorded the song on was built in 1984, so the recording couldn't be older than that. Many of the songs surrounding it on Darius' mix tape also date to '84.

    For a time, it was even believed that a man named Paul Baskerville had been correctly identified as the DJ who played the original broadcast. Baskerville himself went along with this notion, though he could never remember playing the song. He did recall, however, playing songs he received on mixed tapes sent to him over the Berlin Wall (a wall dividing the free West Germany from Communist East Germany from 1961 to 1989).

    Research by Reddit user u/FlexxonMobil, published July 10, 2020, has since cast doubt on Baskerville being the DJ. So, even that little bit of discovery has been discredited, leaving us still in the fog of mystery.
  • "Blind the Wind" is a pretty good song, but it's not exceptional or anything to really set itself apart from other '80s New Wave songs. The very fact that it snuck by without much fanfare in 1984 has led to it becoming an international viral hit in the 2000s. The mystery of the song's origins is most interesting than the song itself (no offense to whoever recorded the tune).
  • The song is sometimes called by other titles derived from its lyrics, including "Like The Wind," "Ride The Wind," "Like No End," or simply "TMS (The Mysterious Song)."


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