Look At Yourself

Album: Look At Yourself (1971)


  • "Look at Yourself" was written by Ken Hensley, who was with the band from 1970-1980. In an interview with Songfacts, he explained that the song was about himself at a time in which he was trying to figure out where to take his career and personal life. The "yourself" in the song, then, started out as Hensley HIMself.

    Of course, over the years people hear the song differently as it connects with their own lives. "Look At Yourself" is one of Uriah Heep's most enduring songs, encouraging listeners to look to themselves for friendship and guidance as they try to figure out what to do with their lives.
  • This was the first single that Uriah Heep ever released in the United Kingdom, though it failed to chart there. It did make #33 in Germany and #4 in Switzerland.
  • This is the only song on the album sung by Ken Hensley. That's because their usual singer, David Byron, had problems with his throat the day they recorded it.

    Hensley's voice is on the album, but Byron sang the song when they did it live.

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  • Bill from UsI had this album with the actual "mirror" insert on the cover. Also this album became my favorite of all, even though I though Salsbury was so different from other stuff at the time.
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