Album: Confessions (2004)
Charted: 1 1


  • This song is about a guy who breaks his girlfriend's heart by breaking up with her and then later regrets it. He feels like he is burning without her but she isn't coming back. >>
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    Brittany - Richmond, KY
  • This was the first instance of a four-letter title to succeed another four-letter title (Usher's "Yeah!") atop the Billboard Hot 100. With this transatlantic #1, Usher broke the record for most consecutive weeks at #1 on Billboard's Hot 100. When "Burn" reached its seventh week in pole position, following directly on the heels of the 12-week chart-topper "Yeah!," Usher had spent 19 consecutive weeks on top. Prior to Usher's feat, the record was 16 weeks by Boyz II Men.
    Usher's record was overtaken by The Black Eyed Peas 26 week chart-topping run in 2009 with "Boom Boom Pow" and "I Gotta Feeling."
  • Even though he cowrote this with Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox, much speculation was made about "Burn"'s possible parallels to Usher's bust-up with TLC's Chilli.

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  • Porcia from Quezon, Philippinesi think it's about the two sides of break up. one half is about you wanting to move on and the other half is about you wanting her back. the 1st verse of the song tells the moving on part while the 2nd verse of the song tells the "i want her back" situation..it's a really good song with a really catchy tune! i love it! haha
  • Karie from Jacksonville, FlThis song is very emotional for me To be it's about a relationship where the couple keep hurting each other and they just need to let go
  • Carliss from New Iberia, LaI really love the song Let it Burn because it about love.
  • Elie from The U.k, Englandburn is a song by deep purple wen i enterd the site i was trying to find deep purples song not this piece of crap and im insulting crap here
  • Danielle from Richmond, KyGood job brittney u took the words right outta my mouth~!
  • Brittany from Richmond, KyThis is one of my favorite songs. I love the lyrics and whenever it comes on I have to sing to it.
  • Josh from Pleasant Plains, IlNo offence, Elson, but what are you talking about? He says that I must leave her, even though he loves her. The reason could be any of the following: She cheated on him, so he knows that he needs to let her go, but still has feeling for her; their lives are going in different directions (she gets a job somewhere else far away, or something like that); or he thinks he loves her, but he's losing the feeling...he broke up with her, but he later regrets it...which i believe that this song is about that...how much he regrets that...This song has GREAT lyrics...
  • Lola from Worcester, MaIm not really a fan of usher, but his vocals on this track are truly amazing and the lyrics are heartfelt "I'm still burning until you return" Great vocals, great lyrics.
  • Elson from Los Angeles, CaLyrically, this is one of the worst songs ever written. In the beginning of the song he says he has to do the difficult task of leaving someone he loves, but then later on he feels sad and "burns" until she returns. WTF? Dude, you're the one that left her!
  • Emily from Seaford, Englandafter spliting up with my boyfriend...this song came on...and all i can say is that it has meaning 2 both of us!
  • Tiffany from Penn Yan, NyI really like the song Burn because it talks about his relationship that he may have had. It can relate to anyone who has been in a relationship, and it is a wonderful song to listen to when your relationships go bad, because then you know someone else has also been through the same thing.
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