I'll Wait

  • "I'll Wait" was written as a collaboration between the Van Halen group members and former Doobie Brother Michael McDonald. The singer was brought in by producer Ted Templeman, who had a long professional relationship with the Doobie Brothers. McDonald recalled to Uncut:

    "Van Halen had cut the track - the chord progression and the arrangement was already recorded and they needed some lyrics and a melody to go over that. Ted asked me to help out, so I sat down with David Lee Roth in Ted's office at Warner Brothers and wrote out a lyric.

    Just to show you the difference between that band and our band as far as record sales, I probably made more money as a one fifth writer on that song than I did on the entire Doobie Brothers album the subsequent year."
  • According to ClassicVanHalen.com, the synthesizer-driven song is about a girl wearing men's underwear in a Calvin Klein print media ad. Roth tacked the picture next to a Sony Trinitron TV and he and McDonald addressed the lyrics to her.


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