Tupelo Honey

Album: Tupelo Honey (1971)
Charted: 47
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  • "Tupelo Honey" is an unreserved typically mystic take on the domestic happiness Morrison had found since he'd married his wife Janet. They'd met during his time with the Irish R&B band Them. She'd already been his muse for several of Morrison's earlier songs.
  • Tupelo honey is honey made from the sweet flowers of the tupelo tree, which grows abundantly in swampy areas of the Southern United States. >>
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    Wayne - Crockett, TX
  • There are allusions to early America and the Boston Tea Party in this song:

    You can take all the tea in China
    Put it in a big brown bag for me
    Sail right around the seven oceans
    Drop it straight into the deep blue sea


    You can't stop us on the road to freedom
    You can't stop us 'cause our eyes can see

    The Irish Troubles were still raging when this song was written, and it's important to view it as the song of an artist who was a product of that situation. Freedom was surely heavy on Van's mind.
  • This song plays at the conclusion of the 1997 film Ulee's Gold, which stars Peter Fonda as a beekeeper who makes Tupelo Honey.
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  • Nikki from Ny, FlMy wedding song, I danced to with my mom and also my dad. They danced to it with me when I was a baby and I played it at my daddy's funeral :( LOVE IT more than words can express. Love Van Morrison always xoxo
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