Album: Be Not Nobody (2002)
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  • This song is about a girl who feels she needs a guy badly. She is a little obsessed with him and would do anything if only he would notice her. The best thing would be to forget him and move on, but it turns out she can't and being obsessed with him has made her lose everything she once had. >>
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    Milou - Etten-Leur, Netherlands
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  • Matthew from Sayre, PaKaty, I know you won't see this, as you likely don't read this, but know that there are some people out there thinking of you, and others like you. I will admit, I don't do the things you do, nor do I do the things most people do - I exist on the outside of it all. I just kinda help when I can find the problems.

    But what I do know, is that I have see the girl in you do the things you have done, and I hope you have gotten truly better. Change is tough, and I hope you have found it, and more importantly, yourself.

    Be well...
  • Katy from Portland, Ori can definetaly relate to this song. i was obsessed with this one guy and i really did do anything to get him to notice me - to love me. then i thought he thought i was fat and if i were skinnier, i would have a better chance of dating him if i looked better. i wasn't fat really, but i was a little on the heavy side. i went on this crazy diet and started lying about everything; what i did in my spare time which was usually cutting myself out of lonliness and fear of never finding my soulmate, and about what i was eating. i lost my parent's trust and my friend's respect. he didn't even want me and then i finally started to realize how low my self confidence had become. i'm working hard right now on looking in the mirror and really being happy. i know mirror images don't make a person happy, so i'm still trying to figure out why i've fallen in this trap.
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