Dirty Little Thing

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  • This is about a girl who is a junkie and willing to do anything for publicity. With the sex video reference, it could be about Paris Hilton, although lead singer Scott Weiland wouldn't comment on the song. >>
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    Seth - Hebron, KY
  • UK rocker Tony Newton, bassist of the band Voodoo Six, alleged that Velvet Revolver stole the riff and melody of this song from Newton's own "Cyber Babe," which he wrote for his previous band Dirty Deeds. In August Velvet Revolver agreed to pay Newton 20 percent of all royalties from Contraband and the single dating back to 2004, plus all future royalties on the song. Newton told Rolling Stone magazine the background to his plagiarism case: "A couple of years back, a mate of mine in L.A. called me to say he'd heard what he thought was my song on the radio, and that he had been a bit shocked when he realized it was Velvet Revolver," said Newton. "When I checked it out myself, I genuinely couldn't believe it, because it wasn't as if it was close… it was basically the same riff. Anyway, I called my publishers to check whether they knew anything - which, of course, they didn't - and then basically left it with them. I never really expected to hear any more about it and was as surprised as anyone when I heard that Universal had settled with Velvet Revolver."
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  • Joe from Hobart, AustraliaSlash and Dave said on "Rage" the lyrics are inspired by Paris Hilton and the clip was originally supposed to be "Sucker Train Blues". The clip was done by a dude called Jellybean. Weird? I think so.
  • Robert from London, EnglandI really like this song... VELVET REVOLVER are deff more clear with there rock with this track.
  • Cool Guy from Compton, Cathis and that "come on, come in" sounds exactly like the Stone Temple Pilots song- "crackerman" just faster. i know the lead singer is from stone temple pilots, but wouldn't you of thought that he would know.
  • Seth from Hebron, KyDuff even said it was about Paris Hilton.
  • Joe from Ny, NyaT A CONCERT AT jONES bEACH in NY he said "this is about a certain little hotel heiress" referring to Dirty Little Thing
  • Snake from Custer , Sdany other band I'd say take the song for what it is in your viewpoint but with Velvet Revolver and especially Scott, it's prolly about drugs go back thru his history with bands and 90% percent of the songs are about drugs.

  • Michelle from Salem, OrI saw Velvet Revolver in April when they came to Portland, by the way they ROOOCCCKKKED! R 'n' f'n r!(you can guess what that stands for). When they were about to play "Fall to Pieces" Scott said, "This next song is either about drugs or a girl." I think according to him, they could be one in the same. Who knows really I guess.
  • Erik from Willow Hill, PaThis is my favourite Velvet Revolver song. Just downright awesome!
  • Michael from Oakville Ont, CanadaBut is it really about a girl? Or is Scott using the concept of a troubled girl to really talk about the problems he has had in his own life. 'Get away from the life your living, get away from the drugs your talking!' He does this a great deal on contraband in general, for example on the song super-human (track 8) he refers to a girl 'red-hot lady', but the problems that the girl has are all problems he's had in real life. (Michael Amatiello Toronto Canada)
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