Gone Daddy Gone

Album: Violent Femmes (1983)
  • Written by Violent Femmes lead singer/guitarist Gordon Gano, this quirky song from their first album has become one of their most popular. Their bassist/multi-instrumentalist Brian Ritchie played the xylophone on this song, which features two xylophone solos.
  • The lyrics, "I can Tell by the way you that you switch and walk, I can see by the way that you baby talk, I can know by the way you treat your man, I can love you baby it's a cryin' shame" are originally from the song "I Just Want To Make Love To You" by Muddy Waters, which was written by Blues great Willie Dixon. Dixon gets a composer credit on "Gone Daddy Gone" as a result, and the song is occasionally referred to as "Gone Daddy Gone/I Just Want to Make Love to You," as on Permanent Record: The Very Best of Violent Femmes.
  • Musical duo Gnarls Barkley covered this song on their debut album St. Elsewhere. This cover was used in a 2008 commercial for the movie Igor and in the 2006 game Tony Hawk's Project 8. >>
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  • Jeffery Barber from HellThis song is a darkly prophetic song about the chemical weapon known as "Orchid". It will be one of the biblical plagues of the tribulation.

    The chemical is genetically engineered to attach itself to women of one of three genetic groups. It is represented on the murals at the DIA.

    It will be rained down onto the masses and turns the whites of the eyes a pale blue color, and causes uncontrollable tearing.

    The line in the song " Thousand eyes turning blue"

    Listen to the emphasis gordan places on the word "cryin".

    The poison takes two weeks to do its worst, hence the " fifteen times"

    It is a horrible and agonizing way to go. Hence, "violent femmes".
  • Dave from St Paul, MnAm I seriously only the first comment?
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