Album: Rewind, Replay, Rebound (2019)


  • A Leviathan is an ancient name for a large sea creature. The name is believed to be from the Hebrew lawo, "to twist, to join," with tan from the Arabic tinin, meaning "dragon." In Psalm 104v26, the word refers to a whale; in Isaiah 27:1 it is a sea serpent.
  • Here, Volbeat's Michael Poulsen sings as the imagination of a young boy who is looking out of his bedroom window. The child can see the ocean and wonders where the Leviathan is.

    Outside my window, I can see
    The ocean where you used to be
    Horns that sprout out from your head
    A glowing light near the surface

    Poulsen explained to Billboard: "He already has a feeling that the world can be an evil place, full of bad people. He wants as a youngster to try to clean up the whole world, but he knows that he can't do that. But he believes that he can contact Leviathan the sea monster, and together they could clean up all the bad things."
  • Mastodon recorded a record in 2004 titled Leviathan. It was a concept album that was based on Herman Melville's novel about the giant white whale, Moby Dick.
  • Directed and animated by Steven Mertens, the song's music video follows the adventures of an underwater beast that forms a connection with a young boy. The clip is based on a painting by Karsten Sand that originally appeared in the Rewind, Replay, Rebound artwork.

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  • Gloria from Red Deer,alberta Xx CanadaLove the song laviathan great song.in fact every song by Volbeat I absolutely love.cant wait for them to start touring again once this virus is over.I would love them to come to Red Deer it's a pretty big city and I know everyone that I know here would definitely go see them as well
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